Q&A with St. Louis Site: Heard This Blog


The Husky Basketball team is in St. Louis this weekend to take on the Billikens. One of the top blogs in the St. Louis area is HeardThisBlog.com and founder Ben Weixlmann was kind enough to answer some questions about the upcoming matchup between Washington and St. Louis. 

1. What are the strengths of the St. Louis team?

The strengths are SLU’s guard play and depth. They’ve got bodies to throw out there without losing much skill-wise. Defensively, they’re relentless and will cause fits if the offense isn’t well-structured.

2. What are the weaknesses?

Size inside. Brian Conklin and Cory Remekun are both 6’8″, and although Rob Loe and John Manning are 6’11”, their ability to defend the paint area is quite limited.

3. Who is SLU’s biggest scoring threat and why?

I’ll go with Kwamain Mitchell. He’s 6-for-21 this season, but he’s a very good player. This is a very balanced squad though. No one is going to stand out and score 20+ every night.

4. I have heard that St. Louis is a very fundamental team, what sort of fundamentals does St. Louis perform well?

It’s got to be the defense. Head man Rick Majerus stresses that side of the ball. They also don’t make a whole lot of turnovers on the offensive end.

5. What matchup should Husky fans be aware of? Any that St. Louis is looking to exploit?

Not really, to be honest. Like I said, SLU plays a team game. No one will really shock you.

6. On the opposite end, what should St. Louis be nervous about coming into this game?

It will be their first real test. UW may be young, but they’re very talented. SLU doesn’t have much size, and the Huskies are full of it. Aziz N’Diaye could be in for a big day if the Billikens can’t control the paint.

7. Many people have already identified St. Louis as an upset pick against Washington, do you see this happening?

Ironically, it won’t be an upset, really. The opening line will likely come out as Washington favored by 1 point, or pick ’em. I could definitely see it happen. UW is certainly a worthy opponent, though.

8. How can St. Louis win this game against Washington?

They must keep UW from getting second-chance opportunities. SLU hasn’t done well on the glass. They out rebounded Tennessee State and Southern Illinois by just one board, combined. They’ll need to box out hard against the Huskies.

9. What is your prediction for the game? 

You know, that one is really tough for me. I could go both ways. Gun to my head, I’ll take SLU to win by 4, but it would not surprise me in the least to see UW come into the hostile environment and leave with a W.

Thanks Ben!