National Stat Rankings: UW in Focus


After Week 11 in College Football.

The University of Washington Football team by the stats in comparison with the rest of the FBS. Some of these stats are individual stats and some are team stats. Be careful to look at the “National Rank” column, as some categories do not include every player/team but instead will skip down to the closest UW stat.

QB RatingPlayerSchoolNational Rank
201.6Russell WilsonWisconsin1
193.3Case KeenumHouston2
188.6Robert Griffin IIIBaylor3
177.2Kellen MooreBoise State4
168.6Andrew LuckStanford5
155.1Keith PriceWashington18
Pass. TDPlayerSchoolNational Rank
37Case KeenumHouston1
31Kellen MooreBoise State2 (tied with Weeden)
29Robert GriffinBaylor4
29Matt BarkleyUSC4
29Andrew LuckStanford4
28Landry JonesOklahoma7 (tied with Carder)
27Tajh BoydClemson9 (tied with Murray)
26Keith PriceUW11 (tied with R. Wilson)
Rush. YardsPlayerSchoolNational Rank
1360David WilsonVirginia Tech1
1278Ronnie HillmanSDSU2
1207LaMichael JamesOregon6
1132Chris PolkWashington13
1072Rex BurkheadNebraska15
1029Isi SolefeCal21
PPGSchoolNational Rank    –
54.7Houston1    –
51.7Oklahoma State2    –
46.7Oregon3    –
34.2Arizona State25    –
31.9Washington39(31 last week)
PPG AllowedSchoolNational Rank    –
7.1Alabama1    –
10.7LSU2    –
12.9Penn State3    –
21.7Oregon33    –
34.1Washington102   (101 last week)
Pass AllowedSchoolNational Rank    –
1295Alabama1    –
1463Wisconsin2    –
1992California33    –
2113Oregon State50    –
2722Washington106 (109 last week)
Rush AllowedSchoolNational Rank    –
519Alabama1    –
720Cincinnati2    –
942Stanford8    –
1528Washington61 (53 last week)
1837Oregon State85    –

UW towards the beginning of the season tended to be amongst the top in offensive categories and amongst the bottom in defensive stats. Both are starting to drift more towards the middle of the pack. While the offensive still tends to be more towards the top and the defensive towards the bottom. However, the trend is that the offensive has digressed and the defense has improved (slowly) over the last few games.