Norvel Pelle De-commits from St. John’s: UW on the Radar?


As first reported by, Norvel Pelle has de-committed from St. John’s and has re-opened his recruitment.

It was rumored a few months ago that Pelle was not going to be able to qualify right away. However, he came out and said that he was still committed to St. John’s. There were rumors that in November he would be able to get qualified or find a way to get into St. John’s. Many began to wonder if Pelle was actually going to stay committed to St. John’s after all and JohnnyJungle was able to track it down. Pelle had de-committed.

Pelle then verified it over twitter:

Pelle was one of the top big men in the 2011 class but failed to qualify orignially for St. John’s he then enrolled in summer school at a school in Philadelphia in hopes to get his academics up to par. However, JohnnyJungle also reported that his involvement there has been minimal at best.

He is still listed as an elite prospect in the 2012 class. Many recruiting sites have him as a 4 or 5 star prospect and if he can get qualified at a school, he can be a real threat in the front court. Listed at 6’10, 210 pounds.

At one time Pelle had Washington in his final 2 and chose to go with the Johnnies over the Huskies. However, now that he has de-committed from St. John’s will he consider UW as an option again? Lorenzo Romar has had success in recent years landing de-committed players from other universities, most notably Maryland- Terrence Ross and Martin Breunig. Will Romar land another?

As of now he is

focusing on getting his school in line and get qualified for any college. He has stated that he is completely open at this point.

He was asked by one questioning fan “[are you] still considering St. John’s?” and another fan asked, “what is your recruiting list now?” His reply on twitter were these two comments:

Is Pelle an option to UW? Stick around, this could get interesting but for now Pelle is focused on getting his academics in line.