GUEST POST: Georgia State Game and Player Summary


This is a guest post from John Miguel Hernandez “DawgBlawginIt”. John is a Christian and a fan of Husky basketball. Since the Georgia State matchup was not televised he did a game and player write up so that fans who could not be at the game could still enjoy this win!

This was a game I did not want to miss. Like many of you, I wanted a chance to see how the Huskies would perform with the addition of center Aziz N’Diaye and to see how they would do with a week of practice and no more opening night jitters. Thanks to Tyee member Pierce for the last minute tickets!

Overall, I saw a lot of improvement. Aziz N’Diaye brought a sense of foundation and security to the game and the Huskies did much of the same good things they did in their exhibition game, but did them even better!


Aziz N’Diaye – He did not have a strong offensive game tonight with only 4 points but he had an excellent defensive game. He did great cleaning up defensive boards and just had hands above everyone within a few feet from the hoop. A lot of rebounds went to the tall guards but ‘Ziz got his share with 8 total boards. He was called with an offensive foul and he dropped or bobbled more than a few balls. My guess is that this was his night to get adjusted and I’m sure he might have after-effects from his recent concussion. Although, he got a few tough foul calls he stayed particularly aggressive with his blocks collecting 5 with a power block at the hoop where the Georgia State player looked like he ran into a brick wall. He’ll improve but even if he does not look for him to be a stabilizing influence on the team and to be an important factor in all games. He got some nice passes in the post from Wroten who passes into the post without hesitation. This was nice to see and as games go on he’ll learn to capitalize on those occasions. N’Diaye also showed his Husky nature by going to the court after loose balls more than a couple of times. He is a 7 footer diving! Only one in the conference.

Darnell Gant – Gant came out a lot more aggressive than last game and connected on 7 of 8 attempts. His lone miss was near halftime on a long ball from the top of the key. He hesitated then when no one came to defend him he had to shoot and shot an air-ball. He must have thought about it at halftime because during a second half run he did not hesistate on a three point shot from the left wing. He is just such an unselfish player, I know he wants other guys to get theirs but the team does better when he is aggressive.

C.J. Wilcox – This guy is emerging as the new star of the team and is starting to look bullet-proof. His shot was on from three and he had the same hard drives to the hoop we saw in exhibition but he had more of them. He was active offensively and defensively. He was just so solid, aggressive and efficient. With so many around him getting the press I am not sure if he is being overlooked but regardless, he looks like he is going to get his this year. He also looks like the guy who will take us on runs, score in a variety of ways and most of all do so in the flow of the game.

Terrence Ross – Gotta say, he looked a bit more reserved this game. Perhaps he was just letting the game go to Wilcox. He also had his hands full on defense and in spite of his best efforts it seemed as though many of Richardsons 7 of 10 threes were shot directly over Ross’ outstretched hands. I think he must have devoted himself to that cause but was not able to shut that guy down tonight. He got a good workout and probably learned that he needs to body up those guys a bit closer and rely on N’Diaye and Gant to keep his man from getting to the rim. That said, he still looks good and he had another awesome turnaround jumper in the paint from about 3 feet out. He missed out on the play of the game when Wroten driving to the hoop stopped, turned around and while looking back toward the court passed the ball behind him to a cutting Ross. Ross was going up while Wroten passed on the ground. After the play, Ross said to Wroten to pass up next time for the oop rather than the on-ground pass. It could have been a highlight so look for many as these two get to know each other. It was good to see him communicating and he showed some great sportsmanship to Georgia State.

Abdul Gaddy – His lateral quickness and his confidence was much improved over the exhibition. Look for him to grow leaps and bounds this year. He ran the point rather well and two or three drives to the basket similar to the drives he showed early in the exhibition opener. He displayed that smooth style almost seeming to take defenders by surprise. I think he just shows so much restraint that by the time defenders notice he is going to take it to the hoop it is too late. It seemed his shot was a bit off tonight but with all the firepower on this team it just wasn’t needed at this time.


Tony Wroten – He is one who did everything he did in the exhibition except he did more of it. He absolutely secured his reputation as a guy who can create his own shot and get points when the team needs someone to lead. He does this by rolling off picks, weaving between defenders and driving to the rim for lay-ups. He uses spin moves often and quick bursts of speed to get to the hoop. He varies his attack, mixes his passing with drives in order to keep defenders off-guard and guessing. Once again he had what is becoming his trademark no look pass to the right block but this time, Gant finished it and the crowd, just loved it. Wroten also showed his tenacity for boards and put-backs going up after missed shots from teammates. He seems to go for the rebound often after he passes so if he does not get the assist, he will get a rebound and perhaps a score. A real stat-stuffer! It was also nice to see him run the point for longer lengths of time and he did a good job.

Desmond Simmons – Played again with passion. I think this guy is UW’s number one defender at the guard position this year. With his footspeed, strength and wingspan he just covers guards so well. Like N’Diaye he also dove on the court after loose balls. He had 5 defensive rebounds in just 16 game minutes. Simmons is just a very, very solid player and plays so well with many combinations of players.

Shawn Kemp Jr. – He got in the game late and had a nice applause from the educated crowd. He played solidly and there were not too many opportunities for him to impress.

Martin Breunig – Same as Kemp, just did not have opportunity.

Hikeem Stewart – He came in looking good. He took an open three with confidence from the top of the key. A play or two later, he took a shot early and I got the distinct impression he was taking a heat check. Great to see freshmen with enthusiasm.

DawgPack – The student section did their job and there were a few guys who outspokenly ordered the opposing coach “back in his box” after a technical call.

Great game and it was the starters who provided the guts to this win and showed the potential to shine. There was a nice Husky run to open the game, a big one to take a nice lead before halftime and then a really, really fun run with lots of highlights and cheering after halftime. The Dawgs showed that they have talent from the starting five that can win a lot of games. The current starting five of Gaddy, Ross, Wilcox, Gant and N’Diaye plus Simmons and Wroten play really high power, high chemistry basketball.

The one exception came after the second half run. The Huskies ran small ball with just Simmons, Gaddy, Wroten, Ross and Wilcox. The general impression this group gave was that they lacked strategy and direction. It did not seem like they knew where they should be or where to find their teammates. Perhaps as they work on this combination throughout the year they will find some frequency and stability. I also found that playing Gaddy and Wroten together was not as effective as when only one of them was on the court. It was nice to see Wroten get some long stretches where he ran the point and it was good to see Gaddy get some long stretches where he ran the point. No matter the combination, it was clear that the whole team benefited when N’Diaye and Gant were on the court. Thier size and roles give UW a much needed stability.

This game Wilcox was the guy who had put the team on his shoulders and took the win. Sinking 8 of 12 attempts he scored often and effeciently. He was strong and impeccable with his shot. He shot 5 for 8 from the three point line and displayed great leadership.
UW’s first official game of this season and it begins with a big W! Go Huskies!