USC Runs Over UW: 40-17


UW was run over by USC in what many in LA were starting to feel as a new rival. However, in typical USC fashion they will now forget about Washington until next year. The Trojans made any talk of “rivalry” seem silly and premature. Even though UW had beaten USC the past two years, USC put those two games out of mind with a dominating performance against the Huskies today.

Post Game Notes and Thoughts: 

  • The offensive line for the Huskies is troublesome. They allowed 7 sacks and 1 of those put starting QB Keith Price out of the game.
  • The offense as a whole couldn’t develop any rhythm. Keith Price struggled, only able to get 125 yards through the air. Chris Polk was held to 36 yards on 9 attempts.
  • Penalties were huge in this game. The Huskies had 12 penalties for a total of 91 yards. A few of them were at very crucial moments in the game.
  • The defense held towards the beginning of the game but later allowed many big plays and gave up 254 yards on the ground.
  • The defense weren’t helped by penalties at times when USC were held to 3rd and long.
  • USC was 12 of 15 on 3rd down conversions and 2 of 2 on 4th. Not a good day for UW’s defense when it actually mattered.
  • There was a huge kick return to start the second half by Robert Woods that sucked all the remaining life out of the UW team.
  • However, the play of the game was when punter Kyle Negrete executed a perfect fake punt and ran for 35 yards.

Things to address in practice this week: 

  • The offensive line. Coach Steve Sarkisian needs to figure out why they are now allowing so much pressure on the QB.
  • The penalty situation. The team may need to do a few more “stairs”.
  • 3rd and long. Teams have been finding a way to convert fairly easily all year.
  • UW needs to find a way to give their offense rhythm early in the game and even if there is pressure to the QB.