National Stat Rankings: UW in Focus


After Week 9 in College Football.

The University of Washington Football team by the stats in comparison with the rest of the FBS. Some of these stats are individual stats and some are team stats. Be careful to look at the “National Rank” column, as some categories do not include every player/team but instead will skip down to the closest UW stat.

QB RatingPlayerSchoolNational Rank
196.9Russell WilsonWisconsin1
194.1Case KeenumHouston2
190.7Robert Griffin IIIBaylor3
180.7Kellen MooreBoise State4
176.9Andrew LuckStanford5
162.7Keith PriceWashington9
Pass. TDPlayerSchoolNational Rank
32Case KeenumHouston1
26Landry JonesOklahoma2
25Tajh BoydClemson3
24Kellen MooreBoise State4
23Robert Griffin IIIBaylor5
23Keith PriceWashington5
23Andrew LuckStanford5
22Matt BarkleyUSC8
Rush. YardsPlayerSchoolNational Rank
1185David WilsonVirginia Tech1
1057Ronnie HillmanSan Diego St.2
1017Henry JoseyMissouri3
1016Chris PolkWashington4
989Trent RichardsonAlabama7
989Michael DyerAuburn7
Rec. TDPlayerSchoolNational Rank
11Patrick EdwardsHouston1
10Justin BlackmonOK St.2 (2 more tied)
9Robert WoodsUSC12 (4 more tied)
6Jermaine KearseWashington32 (17 more tied)
Team PPGSchoolNational Rank    –
52.3Houston1    –
49.9Oklahoma State2    –
49.5Stanford3    –
35.9Arizona State22    –
35.6Washington25(27 last week)
PPG AllowedSchoolNational Rank    –
6.9Alabama1    –
10.0Temple2    –
11.5LSU3    –
21.3Oregon27    –
33.4Washington103   (104 last week)
Pass AllowedSchoolNational Rank    –
1018Michigan State1    –
1085Alabama2    –
1772Oregon St.57    –
1915Oregon79    –
2379Washington115 (108 last week)
Rush AllowedSchoolNational Rank    –
359Alabama1    –
509Cincinnati2    –
677Stanford6    –
824USC17    –
1064Washington47 (57 last week)

UW improved their run defense dramatically playing Arizona. They went up 10 spots and only gave up a minor amount of rushing yards against Arizona.

However, they are now one of the lowest in pass defense in the country. They have allowed five 300+ passers this season, ironically, they are 5-0 when they allow this to happen.

Case Keenum threw 9 touchdowns last week and clearly takes the top spot in passing touchdowns. Keith Price is keeping pace with Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck.