The Oregon-Washington Series By the Numbers — Updated


Here is a quick rundown of the numbers for the Oregon-Washington Series:

* Since the last meeting in Eugene on Nov 6th, 2010: Washington is 10-2 and Oregon is 9-2.

* Oregon has won the last 7 meetings, all by 20 points or more.

* Washington leads the overall series 57-40-5. Oregon would still need to win the next 17 meetings in a row to even the series.

* Largest margin of victory: Washington 66 Oregon 0 on October 26, 1974.

* National Championships: 2 for Washington (last in 1991), 0 for Oregon.

* Last Rose Bowl Win: 2001 for Washington, 1917 for Oregon

* Total Rose Bowl Appearances: 14 for Washington, 5 for Oregon

* Total Rose Bowl Wins: 7 for Washington, 1 for Oregon

* All-time Washington Huskies Record: 668-416-50 (.611)

* All-time Oregon Ducks Records: 555-468-47 (.541)

* Total Conference Titles: Washington 15, Oregon 9

* All-time Washington post-season bowl record: 16-14-1

* All-time Oregon Ducks post-season bowl record: 9-15

Fun-fact: Oregon’s only Rose Bowl win in 1917 almost didn’t happen. Oregon and Washington both finished undefeated in Pacific Coast Conference play and tied their head-to-head matchup game 0-0. Washington was declared the winner of the conference because they won one more conference game. But, it was determined that it was $215 cheaper to send Oregon to Pasadena than Washington, so they got the invite. Oregon beat Penn 14-0 for the Rose Bowl victory.

Updated at 17:32:

Several astute readers pointed out I missed a very important fun fact that Oregon won the Rose Bowl with an ineligible player.

Here is a quote from the website

“Washington had not lost since 1907, and Oregon was unable to end their streak this year, though they did gain a 0-0 tie that was celebrated as a win in Eugene and Portland. The game was played on a muddy field that was submerged under a pool of water, rendering both offenses impotent”