Instant Analysis – Halftime Washington 14 Arizona 13


I think the Huskies may have been a little overhyped to begin the game as they seemed tenative on both sides of the ball in the 1st half. But, the defense has gotten some nice stops and the offense has found their rhythm, despite the constant flags and reviews by the referees. I have a good feeling about the 2nd half.

Some first half observations-

1) The defense looked as shaky as always in the 1st quarter. Husky fans see what Sarkisian is building and are growing impatient with Holt’s D giving up hundreds of yards through the air. But, they have calmed down a bit and gotten some stops in the 2nd quarter. They gave up three scores, but only 13 points, which is pretty good in the Pac-12 for a half.

2) I loved how the defense got a lot more aggresive in the 2nd quarter. They were particular aggressive on the drive following Polk’s TD. And then after the interception was particularly strong with pressure on Foles on all three plays and a huge stop on their side of the field. Putting pressure on the QB makes good things happen. I am also impressed with their strong tackling and big hits late in the half.

2) That horrible call and lack of reversal on Hartvigson’s catch to the 2-yard line was one of the worst calls I have seen in any college football game this season. They had a chance to review it, he held onto it firmly, made three full steps, plus a hand down, and it only slipped out when he struck the ground and rolled into the end zone.

3) These referees are controlling the game too much. Too many flags, too many reviews, too many discussions.

4) Chris Polk is an animal. Just keep riding the beast! I loved the 4th and 1 call. Use Polk’s speed to the end to walk into the end zone.

5) Keith Price is getting pressured, but he is so composed. I love his leadership. But, the offensive line needs to do a better job of stopping the blitz at the line of scrimmage and giving Price a little more time so he doesn’t get hit as much. On the interception, he had to step up. But, it was a bad tip by Aguilar to allow it up in the air.

6) I’d like to see UW’s defense jam their recievers more at the line of scrimmage. They hang back and let the Arizona wideouts cut across the field wide open. If they jammed them, the routes would take longer to develop and maybe you can get more pressure on Foles.

I predict UW opening things up a little bit more in the 2nd half and Chris Polk having some nice runs as Arizona’s D-line tires. I just hope the defense keeps Foles off balance as they did in the second half of the 2nd quarter.