’s Brandon Huffman Interview Extras


The other day I posted an article about an interview with Fox Sports/ National recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman. Here are some of the questions I asked that didn’t quite make the cut for my first article that I thought were pretty entertaining.

Who is the best Husky recruit that you ever scouted in person?

In terms of the best performance I’ve seen from a prospect, it was Senio Kelemete. Four years ago I saw him play when he was a senior at Evergreen against Everrette Thompson at Kennedy. I would probably rank it as one of my five to seven greatest performances I have ever seen by a high school player in a game. Here he was on the offensive line, he was playing defensive tackle and they were dropping him into middle line-backer to blitz. At that time he was probably 6’4” and 275 or 280 pounds.

I would say that Kelemete was best in terms of a best single performance, but I would say overall, since I have started covering recruiting, Kasen Williams was the best. Austin Seferian-Jenkins isn’t too far behind. I saw Kasen as a freshman doing things; you saw this kid make one catch as a freshman, and you were like, “This kids going to be a superstar.” And he lived up to it.

Who was the funniest player you ever interacted with?

That’s a tough one. Aziz Shittu is in this years’s class, he is pretty funny. He likes to play the game. DaJohn Harris from USC, he is a Defensive Tackle there now. Everything he would say would make me laugh. Maybe it’s because of the way he would say things, but he was hilarious. I remember at the US Army combine in ’06 he was there, and I had just started really covering the west coast that year. He was saying some things and doing some things at the combine that were just cracking me up. Stuff that I won’t say on camera or put in print, but he just had me rolling. He was a pretty funny cat.

Who was the biggest bust you covered in high school?

Darrell Scott without question. He’s still got time, he started off the year decently at South Florida but without question he was the biggest bust. We had him as the #1 running back in the country and like the #4 player. He was my #1 overall player. My #2 overall player that year was Tyrone Smith who ended up being the first offensive tackle picked in the NFL draft last year as a junior. Now he is starting at left tackle for the cowboys. That was one that I missed.

Dayne Crist from Notre Dame. He has had injuries that have derailed his career and limited how affective he can be. You see a shadow of himself at Notre Dame right now. If he was healthy, I think he would have been a phenomenal player, but the injury bugs killed him.

Morrell Presley is another big bust and a lot of the tight ends we have ranked high. Seferian-Jenkins is really restoring my confidence in the tight end position because a lot of the guys we had ranked highly before him turned out to be busts.