If You Could Ask Lorenzo Romar Just One Question…


We all know how it goes when the media asks questions of any public figure, whether it is a politician, celebrity, athlete, or coach. The media will ask a question and the response is invariably vague, or off topic, or very general without getting to the heart of the question. Rare is the chance to get real candor of our public figures, and even rarer is to get any specifics in the answer.

In sports, coaches and players are usually very coy about giving away too much detail about game plans, specific plays, problems they are having, personel issues, and so forth. But, ultimately THOSE are the questions we the fans really want answers to.

As someone who has coached high school basketball, and follows the game trying to understand the lineups, formations, and specific plays, I often find myself confused or curious about why a team is doing one thing or not doing another. I often find myself wanting to ask the coach why not this, why did you do that, was that really supposed to happen?

When it comes to more external issues, such as disciplinary issues, personel decisions, recruiting, and so forth it often seems like the media doesn’t really ask the hard questions at all. It is not unusual for various media types to loft softball questions of our public figures, because they know if they go after someone hard, they close the window to be able to interview that person again.

While I am not lumping Percy Allen into the catagories I listed above, he once said something in a Husky Basketball Chat I found very illuminating. In answering a reader’s question about Abdul Gaddy’s health, he said that he knew Gaddy was healthy for some time, but didn’t reveal it because he was a “gatekeeper of information” and if he released what he knew too soon, he risked losing his sources and access.

So, this post is about what question would YOU would ask if you had one chance to ask Lorenzo Romar anything you wanted and you knew (truth serum?) that you would get a complete and straight answer.

Some questions you may be interested in may involve how recruiting really works with all those runners/agents/AAU coaches/Nike $$$, etc. Or perhaps you really want to know the details about the Overton issue last year. Whatever you want to ask, please put it in the comments section below!

As for me, here is my question:

The last 2-3 seasons, it seems like UW has had a lot of difficulty creating quality shots in the half-court when they are unable to get out into transition, especially against a good zone defense. Often it seems UW is all out-of-whack, almost playing street ball, and then the moment someone gets the ball and is partially open from 3-point range, they huck it up there.

Does the team have a specific half-court set for those situations? Does it run actual plays from the half-court (and what are they specifically)? And in your opinion have they been run effectively?

Remember, add your question to the comments section. If it is one that Mark or I think we might be able to take a stab at, we’ll offer our opinions. If we get the chance to ask Romar ourselves sometime, we’ll do that too!