That was not the greatest week..."/> That was not the greatest week..."/>

Forgettable Weekend


by: Griffin Bennett

That was not the greatest weekend if you are a Dawg fan. I apologize for our lack of coverage this weekend but I made the trip down to the Bay Area for the football game. Needless to say, it was an all-around bummer of a weekend.

Tony Wroten Jr undergoes surgery

Friday got the wild weekend started early with the news that Wroten underwent arthroscopic knee surgery on his right knee. No one thinks that it’s serious and he should still be back in time for the beginning of the season. Romar even mentioned that he could even see Tony be back at practice as early as this week.

It’s tough to know how much or little that this will effect Tony’s play but he does have a history of knee injuries in high school so it needs to be something we all keep an eye on. I have high hopes that we won’t hear about it again this season.

Demarquise “Que” Johnson commits to WSU

Adding insult to injury, Romar’s number one recruiting target for 2012 chose to go play in Pullman over Montlake. It’s a brutal decision that many us heard was going to happen but still couldn’t believe it. Johnson’s number one priority was immediate playing time and he will certainly have a chance at that next year.

It seems that former UW player and current WSU assistant, Curtis Allen, was a huge reason why Que chose WSU. He was the lead recruiter for the Cougs and made a big impression on the 6-5 shooting guard.

Where does Romar and he staff go from here? That’s the question. Mark Knight at The Husky Haul has a few thoughts. So does Percy Allen. At this point, I have no idea what’s going to happen. I thought Que was UW’s best chance and landing an impact player in 2012.

I think landing Anthony Bennett is a pipe dream with the recruiting competition that there is there. Percy Allen reported that 2012 PF Zeno Edosomwan will be visiting UW this week and he could be UW’s best chance at landing a recruit.

We’ll try to keep everyone update as we learn more. Thankfully, it’s almost November which means that it’s almost time to tip-off the season. Bow Down.