Husky Nation- Are You Calling For Nick Holt’s Job?


Stanford dismantled the Huskies by a score of 65-21 and as I look around Husky Nation it seems like the general theme is “Fire [Nick] Holt.” In fact, Jacob Thorpe, columnist for the Daily said those exact words to start his column here.

After watching the Husky defense give up 65 points, 615 yards, 455 yards on the ground, forcing 0 turnovers, generating 0 sacks, and forcing only 1 punt in the entire game- fans seem to have the right to call for Holt’s job.

Let’s be fair and look at both sides of the argument; why you should “give Holt more chances and/or it’s not his fault” or “fire the fool”.

Remember, the below opinions are common perspectives amongst Husky Nation. This is not a contradictory post but a post where the arguments are laid out and you can VOTE at the end. 

Pro Nick Holt Arguments:

  • Stanford was going to put up huge numbers regardless. This wasn’t something that should be a big surprise.
  • Holt just doesn’t have the talent on his defense.
  • They haven’t recruited well on defense and that’s not necessarily his fault.
  • OR They have recruited well on defense and he needs another year or so to develop these players.

Anti-Nick Holt Arguments:

  • Stanford ran all over the Huskies. It is understandable if Andrew Luck was the reason the defense looked poor but he barely had the ball. The running-backs did all the work.
  • The schemes are awful. It seems as if players are never in the right place and that they line up in formations that don’t work.
  • Coach Steve Sarkisian has completely rebuilt the offense and yet the defense is still amongst the lowest in the nation.
  • The defense has a lot of talent (i.e. Alameda Ta’amu, Cort Dennison, Sean Parker, Danny Shelton, etc.) and yet they struggle like they don’t have talent.
  • Every team that UW plays, puts up career offensive numbers.
  • The offense is expected to carry this UW team, when the good teams in the nation allow their defense to shoulder the weight.

The Facts/Stats: (whether you blame the coach for them)

  • UW has allowed 33.7 points per game. That is 104th in the nation.
  • Allowed 431.3 yards per game. 100th in the nation.
  • 1991 pass yards on the season. 108th in the nation.
  • 1028 rush yards on the season. 57th in the nation.  (last week UW ranked 14th)

You Vote: