Game Notes and Thoughts


This post will be updating with notes and thoughts throughout the game.

Pre-Game Notes:

  • Kasen Williams is out and practicing with the team.
  • Justin Glenn is starting at Free Safety over Nate Fellner.
  • Semisi Tokolahi is starting at DT over Sione Potoa’e
  • Pink is being worn all over the stadium for Breast Cancer awareness.
  • The last time Colorado won an away game was against Texas Tech in 2007. 20 road games ago.

First Quarter Notes:

  • The Colorado defense looks shaky. A couple big passes and runs for UW on the opening drive.
  • Keith Price to Jermaine Kearse is becoming a common theme in the endzone. 7-0 UW
  • Jermaine Kearse has 19 catches for 6 Touchdowns. (Mitchell Larsen)
  • Huge run by Rodney Stewart for 33 yards. Sean Parker was eaten up at the line thus no safety help deep.
  • UW’s defense also looks shaky- Tyler Hansen caps it off with a touchdown pass to Kyle Cefalo. 7-7.
  • Heavy dose of Chris Polk on the next drive. He is starting to take advantage of the fact that Colorado allows 133 yards on the ground a game.
  • End-around to Kevin Smith caught Colorado off guard and he rushed it in for the touchdown. 14-7 UW.
  • The Husky defense is not generating much if any pass rush up to this point in the game.
  • Colorado helps by their own guard, Ryan Miller, accidentally knocking over his quarterback as Tyler Hansen was trying to escape the closing pocket.
  • Bishop Sankey with a huge 33 yard run. He is really fast.
  • Sideline interference on Washington backs them up 15 yards. Senseless penalty.
  • Huskies march down the field for another touchdown, Keith Price to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. 21-7 UW.
  • Keith Price has 2 touchdowns on the day. Robert Griffin III had 3 touchdowns today.

Second Quarter Notes:

  • Alameda Ta’Amu is being double-teamed on every possession and when given enough time, eventually busts through and puts pressure on the QB.
  • Huskies cannot find a way to stop Colorado on third down this game. They only have 1 successful stop on third down and it was 3rd and 17.
  • Make that two stops on third down. This time it was third and 10. However, Colorado is able to add 3 by way of a 46 yard field goal. 21-10 UW.
  • Husky offense is not letting up. Marching right back down the field.
  • Keith Price to Chris Polk caps off the impressive drive. 27-10 UW. This puts Keith Price at 3 touchdowns on the day. He is only two behind the nation’s leader in Robert Griffin III.
  • John Timu checks into the game. This is the first action he has seen since he was picked up by an ambulance during the Cal game.
  • Another good stop by Washington on defense, a holding penalty by Colorado helped but UW was able to keep the pass attack from working that drive.
  • Rodney Stewart has checked out of the game. He is also not on the sideline. No word yet on what happened.
  • Keith Price to Devin Aguilar for the touchdown. 35-10 UW. The Huskies have Colorado by the throat in the first half.
  • Huskies have a legitimate pass rush now, with Ta’Amu on the sack. He beat two guys to bring down Hansen.
  • Thomas Tutogi and Everrete Thompson with the sack on the very next play. UW uses their time-outs to get the ball back with 1:08 left in the half.
  • Washington ends the half with a 41 yard field goal. 38-10 UW.

Half-Time Game Notes:

  • Keith Price is 18-23 with 230 yards and 4 touchdowns.
  • Chris Polk has 12 carries for 64 yards. 1 reception for 14 yards and a touchdown.
  • Jermaine Kearse has 4 receptions for 75 yards and a touchdown.
  • Austin Seferian-Jenkins is at 3 receptions for 42 yards and a touchdown.

Third Quarter Notes:

  • Rodney Stewart is out for the remainder of the game with a sprained knee.
  • 38 yard rush by Tony Jones. No safety help deep again.
  • Colorado decides to go for it on 4th down within field goal range. Huskies send the blitz and the pressure works but Justin Glenn picks up a pass-interference call.
  • Colorado punches it in on their first drive of the half. 38-17 UW. (Tony Jones with the TD)
  • Kasen Williams hasn’t played on an offensive possession yet but he has been in on punt returns.
  • The Washington offense was stopped for the first time this game. Will Mahan on the punt.
  • Ta’Amu with a huge tackle in the backfield for a 5 yard loss.
  • Colorado has been trying a lot of different combinations on the screens but UW has been sniffing them out.
  • Two huge back to back rushes by Chris Polk and Jesse Callier. The 26 yarder by Callier goes in for the score. 45-17 UW.
  • That is Callier’s first career TD run.
  • Nick Montana checks into the game at quarterback. Keith Price is not hurt just giving some reps to Montana.
  • He then proceeds to fumble it as pressure gets to him.

Fourth Quarter Notes:

  • Four plays into the fourth quarter and the Buffaloes are able to get another touchdown punched in by Tony Jones. 45-24 UW.
  • Kevin Smith muffs the kick return but is able to recover it at the 15 yard line.
  • Montana stays in at QB but they call two back to back rushing plays to start this drive.
  • Polk just eclipsed 100 yards.
  • Headed onto the field. There will be no more game notes until later tonight. Thanks for checking them out.