Demarquise Johnson Has Decided


I just spoke with Demarquise Johnson and he has decided on a school.

He did some research on the final 4 schools; WSU, UW, Gonzaga, and UNLV, and has decided on which school he would like to attend. However, he isn’t ready to release what school that is yet. He wants to wait until after he gets his S.A.T. results back on October 21 or 22. Then he will decide on October 22.

Two days ago when I talked with him he said the schools were all even but after thinking it over, and doing his research, he is down to one university. He visited all 4 schools and while the visits helped, he is decided over the whole process not just on one visit. He has “kind of” let the coach know, he told me, but hasn’t given an official verbal.

Each school besides UNLV has been a rumored to be the “favorite” at one time or another. UNLV has always been the wildcard team because of how different their recruitment of Johnson has been. Gonzaga, WSU, and UW have all identified Johnson as a main priority  for this 2012 recruiting class, while UNLV has so many needs and recruits they have been chasing, Johnson is just one piece to their recruitment puzzle.

However, they aren’t ruled out. No school would be a surprise as his choice, there are pros in his mind to every school. However, only one school can have his service and we will all have to wait another week and a half to find out.