Recruiting Update from Findlay Prep


Findlay Prep in Las Vegas, Nevada has won back to back ESPN Rise NHSI Championships. They have been a force in the Prep world since their beginnings in 2006. The majority of their graduates go on to D-1 universities. Their “hall of fame” lists; Jorge Gutierrez, DeAndre Liggins, Avery Bradley, Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph, Nick Johnson, and many more.

Therefore, UW is constantly recruiting at least one player out of their school. This year is no different, one of UW’s biggest priorities is

Anthony Bennett who plays the 3 or the 4 at Findlay. They are also interested in Nigel Williams-Goss, Landen Lucas who has recently transferred back home to Oregon, and Dominic Artis who has recently de-committed from UCLA.

I had a chance to talk with Coach Todd Simon from Findlay about his team and some of the players that UW is currently recruiting at his school. As follows is the highlights of our conversation:

What do you think of Anthony Bennett? His abilities, his work ethic?

"Anthony Bennett is as good as anyone offensively in this class. He can go inside or outside. He can beat you off the dribble and he creates a mismatch anywhere he plays. You basically, have to double-team him anywhere on the floor."

How would you describe his work ethic? 

"He has a great love for the game. He just loves to play basketball. He is a hard-worker and he is really serious about what he is doing. He is 100% different than he was last year, he has been working harder and he has been focusing on his diet and his body. He is trying to be world class."

I have heard him described as already having an NBA body, would you agree?

"Yes. There isn’t much more he can do to make his body any better. I would say he even looks like a DE."

Is he a one-and-done? 

"Yes, most likely."

Quickly, what about Nigel Williams-Goss? 

"His work ethic is phenomenal, he has a high motor, he is a great defensive player, and he really knows  what to do with the ball. He wins, everywhere he goes, he wins."

Do you know if UW is recruiting Dominic Artis? 

"It just happened, so I don’t know. His travel coaches are working on that."

It was a short conversation but I wanted to share it with HuskyHaul readers. He also mentioned that even though Landen Lucas transferred he is still getting attention. In fact, he is currently on his visit to Tennessee.