2012 Center: Waverly Austin


It has long been known that UW has been pursuing an “unidentified” junior college big man. It seemed like for weeks, many different sources have tried to track down this junior college recruit. However, last night Jim Basnight of Husky Digest was able to pinpoint it to Waverly Austin.

Today, I was able to speak with Austin on the phone and get a better understanding of who this recruit is, why UW is chasing him, and how his recruiting is progressing. Here is our conversation:

Mark Knight: What is your official Height and Weight?

Waverly Austin: 6’11, 255 pounds. 

MK: What is your playing style- Strengths/Weaknesses?

WA: 4/5- a power forward. My offense is like a face-up big man but I can play back to the basket too. My thing is running the floor and finishing on the fast break with good hands, my left hand, I have good hands for a big man. 

MK: What is your recruitment list right now?

WA: Kansas, Miami, Oklahoma, Missouri, Washington State, Washington, and South Florida. 

MK: Do you have any favorites?

WA: No, no favorites right now. I will probably go where I am wanted the most.

MK: Well, then who is coming at you the hardest?

WA: Kansas, Missouri, and South Florida.

MK: Do you have any visits coming up?

WA: I only have one setup and that is Missouri. (End of Sept.)

MK: What are you looking for in college?

WA: Play right away and a good schedule. 

MK: Do you care about distance at all?

WA: No. As long as they will have me. 

MK: Would you re-commit to South Florida Bulls like you did coming out of high school?

WA: I am looking at them. 

MK: Are you looking to commit early or late? What is your timeline for committing?

WA: I want to commit early- Mid-October maybe like October 10, somewhere around there. I am only going to take 3 visits so I am about to narrow my choices down to the final 3. 

MK: Who is trying to set up visits with you right now?

WA: Kansas, Washington State, Miami, and South Florida.

MK: You want to only take 3 visits though right?

WA: Well maybe 4 because Miami is pretty close.

MK: What do you like about UW?

WA: I don’t really know much about them, they are mainly talking with my AAU coach. I have been focusing a lot on my classes. I am trying to graduate. I have played with a guy from UW before, at the Maryland elite camp two years ago. He was cool.

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