Update on Sam Cassell Jr.


I just got done talking to Sam Cassell Jr. and there was just too much information for me to twitter but here is what I learned:

  • UW does have an offer extended to him.
  • He likes UW because of the style of play and that it is faraway from home.
  • He has the same list of ten which is: Maryland, Washington, Villanova, TCU, Butler, Arkansas, Clemson, Missouri, South Florida, and Florida State.
  • He wants to be an early commitment to a program and plans to decide before his season starts in November.
  • In September or early October he plans to narrow down his list of 10 to 5.
  • His official visit to UW is sometime in September but the date still isn’t finalized. This is currently his only official visit setup.
  • He identifies his playing style as “scoring.” He said he does this from either outside shots or driving in the lane. He loves to shoot over and outmatch smaller guards.