How the Blight of Miami Can Help UW


Miami is in trouble.

This is not recent news, but over the last few weeks we have watched the downfall of Miami athletics. As more rocks get turned over, it becomes even more embarrassing for Miami and everyone involved. Miami can make the case that the guy that brought all this to light is a convicted liar and a thief but then they have to explain why he was so heavily involved in their program in the first place. They would then need to explain some supposed incriminating photos and documents.

While the disaster at Miami isn’t good and as one recruit recently told me, “It’s all bad.” There is a positive when it comes to UW recruiting.

While Miami isn’t competing with Washington for most recruits in either football or basketball. There are a few

that have offers from both schools, Zach Banner for one. However, the recruits that UW has a real shot at- Miami isn’t a factor and vice versa for the recruits that Miami has (had) a real shot at, UW isn’t really a factor for that recruit.

However, the path from Miami is still hot with Frank Haith’s footprints. Who is the former Head Coach for Miami’s Basketball program and is now the current Head Coach at the University of Missouri. He is under as much scrutiny as anyone in the program. And Haith and his program was one of the major players in recruiting the services of Demarquise Johnson of Westwind Prep.

I spoke briefly with Johnson about the subject and he said while he hasn’t ruled out going to Missouri the whole situation does make him nervous. As it very well should. He wouldn’t tell me much more than that- he has a lot to think about when it comes with his decision because up until this information came to light, Missouri was one of the favorites.

When I specifically asked if this ruled out Missouri, he replied with a simple “Nah”. However at the same time, I would speculate that, like many other basketball recruits whom Haith is chasing, Johnson will need to hear some news that Haith is cleared of any charges before he feels less than nervous about committing to that program.

In the meantime, Johnson will be taking three official visits in the state of Washington.

  • WSU- Sept. 2
  • Gonzaga- Sept. 15
  • UW- Sept. 24

As of now, there is no official visit set up for Missouri. Griffin at MontlakeMadness has an excellent recruiting profile of Demarquise Johnson but he now may want to change his percentages for Johnson’s commitment.