UW Hoops in the Summer League


The Summer League ended last night with a bang. It was a dunk fest and much of the hype came from incoming freshman Martin Breunig. The teammates of Breunig were some of the most impressed. Here is a series of tweets from Scott Suggs (scottro15), Abdul Gaddy (gaddy253), Tony Wroten Jr.(TheJuice14), and Terrence Ross (UWFlight31). Martin Breunig’s twitter name is “supernaturaltai”.

While there doesn’t seem to be any video footage of this game. The players seemed to be thrilled with what natural athleticism Martin Breunig possesses. This should be a good sign for any Husky fan out there.

Almost all the other video footage and highlights of the games are covered on LGHusky13’s youtube channel.

Please go check it out and if you do have footage from last night, feel free to share!