Summer League Hoops Notes


Last night, the summer league continued to roll and many of the UW players were involved in the games. There were a few UW players missing as they were traveling home or traveling back from home; Scott Suggs, CJ Wilcox, Jernard Jarreau, Andrew Andrews, and Darnell Gant.

Game 1 Notes

  • Terrence Ross is really athletic and was very active all over the floor. He even showed a few post moves in the game and was able to take it to the hole off the dribble.
  • Tony Wroten Jr. was commanding the offense and he loves to get other people the ball. His shot was a little off but it looked to be just an off night.
  • Hikeem Stewart looked really good in both the role of the point guard and in the role of the shooting guard. After hearing that he wasn’t very active in these summer league games, I was completely shocked to see him take control when needed. He was dropping shots and had a couple good drives to the basket. He also was putting passes off people’s hands- it looks like Wroten has been showing him some of his moves. There was one pass in particular where Stewart drove into the lane and threw a beautiful pass to Shawn Kemp Jr. which bounced of Kemp’s hands as he wasn’t ready for such a pristine pass.
  • Shawn Kemp Jr. looks like he as already lost weight and is getting into condition. He was very active around the rim, any shot missed either he or Ross dunked it back home. He looks very good and could be a real factor in the season, especially if he continues to get into shape.
  • Aaron Dotson may not be a Husky but he was really good, he was making shots from everywhere. His jumper looked smooth and fluid. He told me after the game that he will have to sit out a year at Utah but look for him to do some damage in 2012.
  • Reggie Moore also is not a Husky but the point guard for the Cougars. He was good but wasn’t overwhelmingly impressive, he seemed focused to dunk on somebody and missed a few trying and that might be why I didn’t get to see a lot from him.

Here is a video from the first game:

Conversation with Abdul Gaddy

  • He told me that he is 100% healthy but is choosing not to play with contact until the season, to make sure it is completely rested.
  • He is looking to continue off of his success before his injury last year.
  • He said that Andrew Andrews is the biggest surprise in the freshman class, “He is a lot better than anyone really thought.”
  • However, he went on to say that Andrews still might redshirt just because of the depth at the guard position.

Conversation with Wroten

  • He is looking forward to be able to play at Madison Square Garden this season.
  • He has aspirations to be in the NBA but said he has no problem with staying a few years a UW to do so.
  • However, he will do what is best for him at the time. His goal isn’t to be one-and-done but wants to do what is best.
  • He was really impressive with little kids, he understands that he is a role model and in the middle of our conversation he stopped to talk to a couple of young fans.

Game 2 Notes

  • Game 2 only featured Aziz N’Diaye and walk-on Alex Wegner.
  • N’Diaye looked really stacked, and more ripped and bigger than last year. He looks like he is working on his offensive game, he had a few dunks and a few jump hooks. Though there is still much more to be desired in the offensive game.
  • However, he was the most impressive defender in all of the games, he takes up the entire paint. I would be surprised if he doesn’t end up with the most blocks in the Pac-12.
  • Alex Wegner looked a little lost most of the game, and like he was in the wrong gym. He is tall but very skinny and will need to put on some more weight. He did have a few good outside shots but found himself guarding N’Diaye from time to time. It was a chore that was a little more than he could handle.
  • N’Diaye did not see the ball in the second half and was mad at some of the decisions his teammates were making. In the end N’Diaye benched himself with time still on the clock because he was so upset at his teammates.

Game 3 Notes

  • Desmond Simmons was very active and loves to be around the rim. He will be solid in the rebounding department for the Huskies this season.
  • Martin Breunig looks good, he is big and athletic. He loves the jumper and has a very smooth shot. He was making his free throws and shots from all around the court.
  • The team Simmons and Breunig played on was dominating and therefore the analyst of this game is a little weak.