UW’s Elite Camp


The University of Washington is holding an Elite Camp for future Men’s Basketball players on August 13. They are inviting plenty of 15 year old basketball players, athletes that will be in the 2014 recruiting class. There will also be some 2013 recruits there.

This camp gives the recruits a chance to showcase their abilities and potential in front of UW coaches. While at the same time, UW gets to see these young 2013-2014 recruits in their recruiting pipeline.

I have been working on compiling a list of those recruits that UW has invited. Canada’s DRIVE AAU team has 5 different players that will be in attendance while the rest of the list is local talent:

  • Tristan Etienne– A 2014 power forward from Canada. We have talked a little in the past about this 2014 recruit, how impressive he is at such a young age. He played with the U17 team in Vegas because he is that talented. He not only played with them, he was able to excel against guys 2 years older than him.
  • Jadon Cohee– A 2014 point guard from Canada that loves to get in the lane and create contact. He is tall for his age at 6’1 and if he continues to grow may find himself playing a variety of locations on the floor.
  • Manroop Clair– A 2013 combo guard that is known as Canada’s “Jimmer Fredette”. He has incredible range and can make it effortlessly from almost everywhere on the court. He usually racks up a ton of a assists too and he loves the ally-oop.
  • Kenny George– A 2013 shooting guard that is a very active player. Loves to find space and hit the jumper but also has the ability to play impressive defense.
  • Mindy Minhas– A 2014 small forward that can be very productive in the paint. He has a lot of potential but is sometimes overshadowed by his teammates.
  • Adrian Davis– One of the best local products from the 2014 class, he has a lot of potential and knows how to score.
  • Naim Ladd– From Rainier Beach high school and is eager to get in front of UW coach’s and show off that he deserves to be recruited by UW. He plays hard and his AAU team played a game away from the U16 championship game in the NW Showcase even though it is a U15 team.
  • Reed Hopkins– A 2014  combo guard from Gonzaga Prep.
  • Tramaine Isabell– A 2014 guard that has a lot of interest from many Pac-12 schools. He is known for his ability to shake his opponents and play lockdown defense.
  • Will Dorsey– From Garfield High Schoool. A 5’9, 2014 guard that has a lot of potential.
  • Caden Rowland– A 6’4 guard from Mt. Rainier High School. (2013)

This is all I know of at this time. If you have heard of anyone else please pass it along! Thanks!