Coach Sark’s 100k Donation


Steve Sarkisian, the head football coach at the University of Washington, and his wife Stephanie donated 100k to setup a scholarship fund for public school teachers.

Here is what says about it;

"University of Washington head football coach Steve Sarkisian and his wife, Stephanie, have made a gift of $100,000 to establish the Steve and Stephanie Sarkisian Endowed Fellowship in Education in the UW College of Education. The endowment will provide financial assistance to graduate students in the College of Education who aspire to teach in Washington state public schools."

This was a bold statement made by Coach Sark, not because of the

amount of money that he used to setup this fund, but the entire fact that the money went to an endowment at the University of Washington, in his wife’s name and in his name.

Sure, the money is awesome and the fund is great, my wife is a school teacher so I understand how great it is to have grants and scholarships like these. But, the fact of the matter is that Coach Sark boldly declared that he wants to support the University of Washington in arenas that are NOT football. Something most coaches chose not to do. This is a very selfless move by Coach Sark.

Every time there is a coaching job that the national media thinks is better than the head football coach at UW, Sark is linked to it. And I think deep down many Husky fans are nervous about losing such a classy coach and one that has been steering the program back in the right direction.

This 100k grant that Sark and his wife set up is a public testament that Sark is a Dawg and likes it that way. He said this after donating the money:

"“We created the Sarkisian Endowment Fellowship in Education as a tribute to every educator who commits their life’s work to bringing out the best in the students of the state of Washington. Our hope is that this endowment will provide both assistance and enthusiastic encouragement to aspiring public school teachers who believe that all children should have a chance at success in school and life.”"

Husky nation should be proud to have such a class-act in Steve Sarkisian. To put it in the words of a t-shirt worn by the majority of the student section at Husky Stadium, “I bark for Sark!”