Nate Robinson and the NFL


Nate Robinson is a special talent considering his 5’9, 180 pound frame. He is fast, agile, has incredible leaping abilities, and is just exceptionally athletic in many ways.

He, like many exceptional high school athletes, was being recruited to play both basketball and football. He decided to come to the University of Washington and play both. He as a freshman excelled on both the basketball court and the football field. He is most recognized for the interception against the Washington State Cougars in the Apple Cup in the 2002-2003 season. The pass was intended for someone close to a foot taller than him.

However, following that season he decided to focus only on basketball and continue to work on his goal of making it into the NBA. And he did just that, as he was drafted in 2005 by the New York Knicks in the first round.

Now, 6 years later Robinson is staring down the looming future of an NBA lockout and he told Slam Magazine that he is considering trying out for an NFL roster spot. This is considering that the NFL lockout ends in the next week or so, like most experts are predicting. He told Slam that he just wants to do something that no one else has tried to do.

Could Nate Robinson really be an NFL cornerback? Let’s look at the case on both sides and you can decide: 


  • The physical tools are there, he has the intangibles to be a success no matter the sport.
  • He is a 3 time NBA Dunk Contest champion. He has no issue with jumping and catching.
  • He is obviously in extreme athletic shape as he plays in the NBA.
  • The work ethic is there, it’s not a cocky- Ocho-Cinco mentality, if he wants to succeed at something-he can.
  • He had the potential to be excellent in college and it showed as he was making plays as a freshman.


  • Being able to play in college is one thing, but the NFL is not something you can just walk into, no matter who you are.
  • He hasn’t played organized football in over 6 years.
  • The NBA may have taken a toll on him over the years. He probably has lost a step or two.

What do you think?