The Final Scholarship Goes to…


Shawn Kemp Jr. has signed a scholarship agreement with the University of Washington Huskies and is the 6th and final recruit to be signed in the 2011 class for Men’s Basketball.

The Kemp Jr. signing comes with a lot of pros and cons. There will obviously many fans that will be thrilled to see Reign Man Jr. playing in Seattle. However, others are slightly hesitant and pessimistic about the signing. Let’s breakdown the pros and cons of Shawn Kemp Jr. and you can decide how you feel about it.


  • Kemp Jr. comes in weighing 265 pounds which is about 15 to 20 pounds over what may be preferred for a guy his height. (6’9)
  • He hasn’t played organized basketball in 2 years. This may explain the extra weight, he will need to get back into shape.
  • He has had various academic eligibility issues and was unable to get into two different other universities. (Auburn and Alabama)
  • He does take the last remaining scholarship- unless a player or two leave early for the draft there are only 2 scholarships for next year.


  • He adds another big body inside. Something UW was hoping to have as early as 2011.
  • When in shape, he is very athletic for his size.
  • Coming out of high school he was listed as a 3 to 4 star caliber of a player and was listed as a potential sleeper to be an outstanding Div-1 player.

There are probably other pros and cons that could be listed, but for now, this is a good list. What are your thoughts?