Guest Post: Isaiah Thomas and His NBA True Love


This is a GUEST POST by John Miguel Hernandez. The opinions in the article are original and the author’s own point of view. If you have a differing opinion please leave a comment below.

All the focus for the NBA 2011 Draft is on the top 14 lottery picks. The top prospects Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, Brandon Knight and even Enes Kanter are garnering all the national media attention. What about the three Washington players who entered this year’s draft? What about the Huskies? What about love?

The following is a three part series over three days with each installment adding a player and cumulating in the definitive draft pick for each Husky player in the draft.

True Love – Isaiah Thomas
We have all heard him say it. Isaiah Thomas says he is just looking for that one team to fall in love. Some analysts and even many fans are saying he might go undrafted. At best, some think he will go late in the second round. At 5’ 9’’, some say his height is a factor. Isaiah Thomas says otherwise.

He performed in stellar fashion at the NBA combine testing. He placed 4th for maximum vertical jump, 5th in the lane agility course, 3rd in spot up college three pointers, 3rd in spot up NBA three pointers and 2nd in timed 15’ to 18’ jump shots on the move. Thomas has played his college career with huge heart and is testing and working out with confidence and a winning attitude. On top of that or perhaps because of that, he is getting huge results. He is bringing home team to the league. What is not to love?

Thomas has even hired an agent. Byron Irvin is an NBA agent who lives in Chicago, is a cousin of Doc Rivers and manages some significant players: Shawn Marion and Jason Terry – Dallas Mavericks, Kris Humphries and Stephen Graham – New Jersey Nets, Melvin Ely and Al Harrington – Denver Nuggets, Stephen Jackson – Charlotte Bobcats, Reggie Evans – Toronto Raptors and more.

Jason Terry thinks Isaiah will go in the first round and we all know how his predictions turn out. So, focusing on heart, let’s believe in love and make a first round pick.

With Jason Kidd becoming a free agent in 2012 and most likely getting ready to retire, the Dallas Mavericks may be looking for a point guard of the same mold as Jason Terry and J.J. Barea.

The definitive draft pick for Isaiah Thomas in the first round, given the relationships involved is the Dallas Mavericks at #26.

To be continued…