Updated Rankings: UW Commits


It was about a week ago that many UW fans and many UW rival fans were saying similar things, “UW may have secured a lot of commitments but the majority of them are not even ranked.” This was true at the time, but it is no longer true as the major recruiting services have now updated their rankings. Adjusting their rankings to see what obviously Coach Sark and company were seeing all along.

Carl Munson, a staff writer on this site, posted an article that basically said “the star ranking system can be misleading.” That the system has flaws even when a player is ranked. Yet many people turn to these rankings to help them have a picture of who this player is, that they have never seen, and who this player could be on their future team.

The system isn’t perfect and most often you should just trust Coach Sark, if he wants a player, that player is most likely a good player. Sark every year is proving more and more that he knows how to get talent on his team. He knows how to keep the in-state students home and get great out of state athletes.

UW is now up to 11 verbally committed recruits with the additions of Michael Recter, Kendyl Taylor, and Blake Rodgers on Saturday. 11 commitments ties them with Arizona State for the most verbally committed recruits in the Pac-12. Here is a look at their recruiting class with the updated rankings from all the major scouting services.

Players that weren’t originally ranked by certain recruiting services now are ranked. And some of them went from being not ranked to listed as a 3-star recruit, like Tairen Owens. In fact, as you can see there isn’t one player on UW’s committed list that hasn’t been ranked by at least one of the services.

With this exceptional early recruiting class, the Huskies are making a case as the second best recruiting class behind USC in the Pac-12. If these recruits all stick and stay committed, this class shows promise to be a top recruiting class in the nation. The coaches now just need to land a few more big fish, such as Zach Banner, Joshua Garnett, Jordan Simmons, and a plethora of other players that UW is chasing.