Saturday Mailbag


I have received a bunch of questions in the last week or so, and here are some of the questions I am receiving. If you would like to ask a question or just have a comment leave it below in the comment section, or you can twitter @HuskyHaul, or email at

Q: What is going on with Shawn Kemp Jr. is he coming to UW or not?

A: Shawn Kemp Jr. is still planning on walking on to the Husky Men’s Basketball team and enrolling at UW for the fall. He is working on getting his academic stuff in order to be able to get into UW but it looks like it should happen.

Q: How can Shawn Kemp Jr. get into UW when he wasn’t able to get into Auburn or Alabama?

A: UW doesn’t really have a GPA minimum or specific scores they require to get in. Here is what the admissions office says about it on their website:

"Many factors considered when evaluating applicants for freshman admission, including intellectual abilities, academic commitment, and diversity of viewpoints, life experiences, talents, and service. Thus, while GPA and ACT or SAT test scores are important factors, the admission decision will be based on much more than past academic record or predicted academic performance. There is no minimum GPA or test score that assures an applicant of admission to the UW."

This just means that UW can accept or deny anyone whether they have a 4.0 or a 1.0. Whether they have a perfect SAT score or a not-so perfect SAT score. There is a difference for scholarships though and this is why Shawn Kemp will need to walk-on and also why others like Richard Peters has to meet certain requirements. Certain scholarships come with certain requirements.

What is going on with Richard Peters?

A: I have not heard back on whether Richard Peters maintained his 2.5 GPA for minimum requirement for a scholarship into UW. Even if he did, it looks like Peters is fine with going back to prep school for one more year as he continues to relish in the recruiting process. He still favors UW and wants to become a Husky but his recruiting will get crazy in the next year.

Why did you leave Derrick Brown out of your QB post on Nick Montanta?

A: I probably should have, however, Brown is rated under Jeff Lindquist and Cyler Miles and his skill set is just not as a good as either of those two. Though, Brown shouldn’t be discounted because of what an exceptional athlete he is, and with that Brown could find himself playing in other positions if he is up for it. He does tend to have accuracy issues but has very good speed and a strong arm.

Romar mentioned that they may still have one more addition to next season’s basketball roster. Who do you think it will be?

A: As of now I think Romar may be thinking Richard Peters but he knows that situation way better than I do. We also haven’t heard where Marek Soucek is going and as usual programs can be surprised with a signee. For example, the Virginia Tech fan base and rumor chasers never even knew that Joey Van Zegeren was even slightly interested in them, but then he signs with them out of no where. If there is another signee in this class it could be a similar situation, where the player comes out of no where.

That’s all for now. Thanks and make sure you keep asking questions and follow me on twitter.