Should Romar Use That Last Spot?


The UW Men’s Basketball team added talented German Forward Martin Breunig to their roster this week. While Breunig won’t officially have a scholarship right away, one of the remaining two will be reserved for him.

Percy Allen also confirmed that the rumors floating around that Antoine Hosley has decided to transfer was, in fact, true. And even though Hosley was only a walk-on, it is curious to think that maybe Lorenzo Romar could use his remaining scholarship on a guard? OR does he stick to the game-plan and try to add another forward or center?

Technically, it is the dead-period and that means that Romar is not and cannot recruit and that the players have all the control. They get to decided if they want to talk to a program or a coach, they get to decide if they want to take a visit, etc. However, there is still a chance that UW does have another offer lingering on a player that has still yet to commit anywhere.

It could even be Richard Peters that has debated still trying to make it into this recruiting class if he can make the grades. It could be Marek Soucek who still hasn’t announced what school he will be attending but sources are saying he plans to play NCAA basketball next season. It could even be a player we don’t even know about, that has been kept secret during the recruiting process. Or Romar may decide to save it for his smaller recruiting class next season with only 2 seniors graduating, Scott Suggs and Darnell Gant.

We did a poll a few weeks ago when Romar had 2 scholarships remaining and plenty of people said he should save one and try to land a big man with the other. Now, UW is down to one scholarship, do the Huskies continue to seek out a player to fill that void or do they save it for next year?

What do you think?

Use the comments below if you would like to elaborate or explain why you voted the way you did. Or use it to sway others.