The DB Package Deal


Brandon Beaver and Alphonso Marsh, from Dominguez High School in Compton, California, have indicated many times that they would like to go to the same university. This is exciting news if you happen to be a part of that college that does land those two recruits because both are listed as exceptional corners. Both and have Beaver listed as a 4-star prospect. While Rivals hasn’t rated Marsh yet and Scout has him listed as a 3-star cornerback.

Beaver tweeted something the other day that got many Husky fans excited about maybe being able to land not only Beaver but Marsh too. Shortly after the commitment of Cyler Miles, Beaver said this:

I asked him about that tweet and he laughed and said, “Yeah a lot of people hit me up about that, but I didn’t mean anything by it. People were sending me the links to his articles, so I thought if I tweeted they would stop but the whole thing got blown out of proportion.”

So, is Beaver a Dawg? Not yet, and he still plans to go through a lot of the recruiting process and Marsh plans to do the same. While both want to go to the same university, if at all possible, but Beaver said it may not happen, “It would be great to play with Alphonso in college, it’s more than likely going to happen but we’re not going through recruitment as a package deal, if a school just happens to fit us both, then we will be there together. Me and Alphonso are best friends.” He also mentioned that he doesn’t have any favorites at the moment which makes it seem that he is keeping all of his options open.

So, are Beaver and Marsh a package deal? About as close as it comes to a package deal, they will talk over together college choices and decisions and if it fits, then they will commit together. However, package deals are hard in football recruiting many package deals don’t work out as the athletes had originally planned.

Beaver is a smart teenager, he really prides himself in his school work and his grades. He said that he wants to study sociology in schol, and that Academics is the main thing he is looking for in a University followed by brotherhood and winning.

Finally, Beaver told me that neither his facebook nor his twitter have anything to do with where he is at in his recruitment process. There is the warning from the recruit himself, that if you see something on his twitter or his facebook that he is just being a kid and having some fun.