Future Husky: Antavius Sims


Height– 6’2
Weight– 205
Position– QB/CB/Athlete

JC Stats– In his last season at Ventura College in Southern California, Sims threw for 1,946 yards and 13 scores while rushing for 1,014 yards with 15 touchdowns.

Style of Play– He is just a freakish athlete and could find success almost anywhere on the field. He is fast and strong.

Strengths– His biggest strength is his speed, he is reported to have somewhere between 4.3 and 4.4 speed. He is tough and works hard, he has played some summer ball at the cornerback position and seen plenty of success there. He shows good hands and strength to play on the defensive side of the ball.

Weaknesses– He is just an athlete and sometimes athletes have a problem at excelling at just one position because they are good at almost all of them. He could face a similar problem out of the gate, but if Sark allows him to really focus on one position while taking reps (rarely) at others, he could begin to develop and excel.

Potential– He is rated as a 2 star quarterback but doesn’t look to be playing that position at Washington. His potential will vary depending on where UW uses him most at, whether that be defensive back, wide-receiver, or even as a specialist in the return game. He has the natural abilities to succeed on the field and really could be a huge success.

Projected Usage- He will probably come out as a second-string cornerback and could see some reps in the punt/kick return game. He potentially could be used a little at quarterback or wide receiver.