Breunig is Visiting South Florida


Martin Breunig has finally decided on the mysterious “other” school he will attend to compare with Washington. He is currently in South Florida visiting the Bulls as reported by Greg Auman of the St. Petersburg Times.

Breunig’s coach Brian Richert has said all along that Breunig would decide between UW and one other school to compare to UW. Breunig has chosen to compare UW with a school on the opposite corner of the country and a school that seems to be in the opposite need as UW. South Florida has a Center listed at 7’3 and a couple other forwards listed around the 6’8 mark.

According to Auman, Richert said that Breunig plans to return home to Germany at the end of this month and that he wants to have already decided before leaving for home.

Breunig seemingly has no connection with either schools but a loose German connection with Detlef Schrempf for Washington and a loose Tampa Bay connection through his coach, Richert, who is from the area.

Breunig will return to Wisconsin on Friday and plans to decide before the end of June.

Read Auman’s article here.

UPDATE: Dave Mahler of 950 KJR is reporting that Breunig should decide by the end of weekend, and that UCLA, Florida, South Florida and Tennessee are all in the mix.