Fan’s Choice: Darnell Gant the X-Factor


This series has expanded from one article, in which Desmond Simmons was featured as a potential X-Factor for the Men’s Basketball Team next season, to a series of articles in which we will look at a few of the potential X-Factors.

Darnell Gant is currently leading the vote for next season’s X-Factor with comments from fans like ‘RaiseTheBanners’ who said:

"“Darnell Gant is a Senior and has the potential to have the biggest impact on the team in terms of leadership and production. His game can contribute outside or (more importantly) inside and he can show the younger guys (Jarreau/Simmons)how to play at the D-1 level. Because he isn’t a “star player” but his success/production will be pivotal in his team’s success makes him the ultimate x-factor especially given his range of things he can do and potential impact on the players around him."

I think ‘RaiseTheBanners’ summed up the feelings of why Gant is a potential X-Factor nicely. Gant has the opportunity and the work ethic to be able to step it up and be a go-to-guy for the Huskies.

I was able to talk with Darnell Gant and get his take on everything from being the fan’s choice of the “X-Factor” to the trip to Madison Square Garden in December. Here is how the conversation went:

  • What in your game are you most looking to improve for next season?
  • “Really to get going into the blocking-get the low post going. Being efficient in the low-post as well as the perimeter. I am Doing a lot of post work- I am working on finishing around the rim and finishing with contact.”

  • What was your biggest weakness last season?
  • “Finishing around the rim. Layups that I can’t finish, coming up with rebounds and then not being able to put it back up. I also need to work on my endurance, I will be playing more minutes next year and I need to build up that endurance so I can play hard the whole game.”

  • What is a personal goal you have for next season?
  • “Have an impact and to be a vocal leader. I have to help fill that void with Isaiah gone, though it won’t be just me, Gaddy will also be part of that and Scott too, he in the past as been quiet and focused on the court but lately he has been becoming a vocal leader.”

  • What is a dream you would love to see accomplished as a team?
  • “Proving a lot of people wrong. Doing the things that we can when people doubt us. People don’t think we are going to do anything next year because we are young or whatever but I beg to differ, I think we are one of the hardest working teams that Romar has had. We are all on the same page and we all love to work.”

  • The fan’s see you as an ‘X-Factor’ for next season, do you see yourself in that role?
  • “In the past years I have seen myself as the ‘glue’, being able to help my team wherever I was needed and that’s what I just plan to do again this year but I won’t place any labels on myself. I just love to help my team.”

  • How do you feel that many see you in this way?
  • “For everybody to feel that way, that makes me feel good. But I have to stay level headed.”

  • What are you thoughts on going to Madison Square Garden and playing Marquette and Duke?
  • “It is a great opportunity. I remember my freshman year we played at MSG but I wasn’t able to play because it was my red-shirt year but now I have an opportunity.”
    “Last year, I was able to accomplish one of my dreams and that was to play North Carolina. This year I will accomplish another one of my dreams and play Duke.”

  • How do you feel about the incoming class of freshman for your team?
  • “They all have good work ethic at least from what I have seen on their visits but I believe when they come here they will be ready to work hard.”

  • Message for the fans?
  • “Keep the Husky Pride.”
    “We will try our best to come out every game and get it done. We will work for excellence.”

    Feel free to use the comment section below to list your thoughts of what Gant said, and your feelings on him being the X-Factor for next season.