Joey Van Zegeren and Marek Soucek


I have multiple sources in Europe confirming that both Joey Van Zegeren and Marek Soucek have committed to NCAA programs. However, the players are being smart about it and waiting for their respective programs to announce the signings.

Washington was in the mix for both of them up to signing day and after that schools are in the dead period and recruiting ends.

Soucek had a few known schools in the mix like Maryland, Gonzaga, Providence, and a few unknowns hanging around. While Van Zegeren had known schools of Providence, UW, Seton Hall, and an unnamed SEC school which was said to be the favorite.

I haven’t heard any rumblings from any of these campuses, wherever they signed it has been locked up pretty tightly. This is neither good news for UW nor is it bad news for UW because until we can figure out where they went, UW is still in the mix.

I am hearing a few unverified rumors that I am not posting until I can get some weight behind it.

Stay tuned for I am tracking it down: