Desmond Simmons the X-Factor


Redshirt Freshman, Desmond Simmons could be the deciding piece to the puzzle when it comes to big men and all-around ability to not only guard big men but score in the paint. He is the potential X-Factor next year for the Huskies to have a successful season and to go deep into the NCAA tournament.

UW is still looking to add a few more bigs to a non-binding financial aid agreements during the offseason but regardless of who is added, Simmons is set up to make more of an impact than any big that comes in the offseason.

Simmons is listed at 6’7 and 215 pounds on, and in his bio coming out of his school had him listed as the number 25th power forward in the nation and the 44th small forward. ESPN had him as a 3 star and 89/100, Rivals had him listed as a 3 star, and had him as a 4-star recruit. He was listed as the second best recruit that UW brought in last year right behind Terrence Ross.

Simmons sat out his whole freshman season as a red-shirt as he continued to heal after having arthoscopic surgery to his left knee before last year.

Thus, Simmons shouldn’t have any freshman issues coming off his red-shirt year, he has had a year to practice and learn the Romar system. He should come in right away making an immediate impact. He had the ability to be a big-time contributor coming into last year but needed a year to fully recover, but now that he has had a year of just getting himself ready for 2011, look for him to go off.

He fits the system, he can play anywhere from the 2 to the 4 spot on the floor while he is most comfortable in the 3 or the 4. Even though he is only 6’7, he has the ability to play big and guard big.

I was able to talk to Simmons and ask him a few questions:

First and foremost, how do you feel about your injury? Any chance it bothers you again?

I feel good. I feel like my knee is back to where it should be and as far as down the line, I think I should be good to go with no setbacks.

What role do you see yourself playing next year?

Next year, I see myself being a guy that does the little things; bringing a lot of energy, knocking down open shots, and doing what it takes to win.

What is one thing you would say Husky fans will be surprised about (pertaining to you and your abilities)?

I’m not sure what Husky fans would be surprised about because I’m not sure what exactly they’re expecting but they can expect to see a winner.

If you had to compare yourself to another player past or present, who would your game most resemble? and why?

After seeing film of Bobby Jones and hearing that comparison I can see similarities in our game.

What is the biggest strength to your game, both on offensive and on defense?

Offensively my strength would be offensive rebounding and the mid-range jumper. Defensively my rebounding and active hands on defense.