Busy Day of Recruiting News


Today, turned out to be a very busy day for UW recruiting, many things have been happening and some I am sure you have heard about through Montlake Madness, Dawgman, HeardThisBlog, or elsewhere but there are a few things that you probably haven’t heard yet.

Here is a breakdown of everything I have been hearing around the recruiting world pertaining to UW hoops:

Martin Breunig– A 6’9, 235 pound recruit that just recently was released from his LOI by Maryland is visiting UW today on an official visit. He hasn’t declared any other visits before the deadline. He would be a solid addition to the Husky squad as a solid defensive presence and ability to score in the paint.

Shawn Kemp Jr.– As we have been talking about for months, plans to walk-on to UW. However, it still remains to be seen if he can get into a solid basketball playing shape both academically and physically. However, when he is at his best and working his hardest, he would be a solid impact player on any DIV-1 team.

Richard Peters- There have been mixed reports about Peters and I have helped contribute to them. He wants to play in the 2011 class but is not sure if he can get everything accomplished in time. However, he still says he is about 50/50 on 2011 and will do what is possible to make that happen. However, I am still expecting him as a 2012 recruit unless something drastic happens.

Marek Soucek– His favorite was Maryland, but that was before the coaching change and now has UW in the mix and plans to come to the USA to play basketball. I am working on tracking down when his decision will be made. Gonzaga, Utah State, Providence, and a few others are also expected to be in his final selections.

Joey Van Zegeren– He was meeting with his coach, Rob Orellana today about his final selections. He has stated he will be in the USA playing NCAA basketball. He has eliminated Seton Hall and Portland has run out of scholarships. It looks like it may be down to Providence, UW, a unnamed SEC school (this is rumored to be the favorite), and a few sleepers that have yet to be named. He plans to announce in the next couple of days.

William Howard– There hasn’t been any new information on him. This usually means either the romance has dwindled or it has been keep under lock and key.

Livio Jean-Charles– This is one of the main recruits that is interested in staying Europe. I would expect this to happen however, he is still entertaining the NCAA.

Daouda Soumaoro– He left his vist at UW feeling good about the Huskies but stilled planed to visit Texas Tech tomorrow before declaring his intentions for next season. It is down to UW, Texas Tech, and St. John’s.