Spring Game Notes


Guest Post by Sam Christensen, you can follow him at @Sarkisianity

QB Battle:

  • Keith Price started the game taking the 1st team offensive reps. He and Montana switched at halftime.
  • Price looked a bit harried to start out, especially when having to overcome pressure. Under pressure he showed a propensity to forget his mechanics and force throws. As the game went on, he improved his comfort level and distanced himself from Montana in all facets.
  • A significant amount of bootlegs were called for both QBs.
  • Montana showed improved mobility, but had issues with any throws beyond 10 yards for the most part. He did complete a 30 yarder to Bruns late in the game though.
  • Price showed beautiful touch at times including a throw to Hartvigson that floated a coverage LB and dropped in nicely in front of the secondary. Unfortunately, Hartvigson fumbled it.
  • Montana showed an ability to go through his reads and check down, though sometimes appeared to do so too quickly.

Offensive play:

  • Polk looked quicker and more elusive through the hole. Able to get to the second level much more easily. Fortunately, he also doesn’t appear to have lost any of his bullish tendencies.
  • J. Fogerson made a case for backing up Polk. For the most part, Callier and Sager were taking reps with the second team.
  • Second team offensive line had issues, but Micah Hatchie had flashes of brilliance.
  • ASJ and Hartvigson split reps with the first team. Also showed a few jumbo sets with both TE’s.
  • Both offensive lines had difficulty getting penetration up the middle. Most of the significant ground gains were made outside.

Defensive play:

  • Both defenses dominated the first half (7-7 score at halftime).
  • Second team defense, starring Justin Glenn, John Timu, Victor Burnett, Greg Walker, and Talia Crichton were giving the offense fits throughout the first half.


  • Holt was sporting the usual short shorts with purple Jordans and black socks.
  • Ivan Lewis was auditioning for “Over the Top 2” with his 54 inch biceps.
  • Sark went with the full baseball cap over his traditional visor.