Mason Foster is Now a Buccaneer


Mason Foster is the next Husky to be pulled off the board at 84th overall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a team that is emphasizing a reload of their defense. He became their third defensive pick of this year’s draft, followed by Adrian Clayborn and Da’Quan Bowers.

The Buccaneers are excited about Foster and the capabilities he has, they love the fact that he was a team captain and a productive football player. While they have the possibility to have their 3 starting linebackers from last season return next year, they aren’t worried about finding Foster playing time because of his versatility.

Here is what the coach had to say about Foster via

"“I think the great thing about Mason Foster is the fact that he is versatile. We see he can play outside, he can play the WILL, he can play the SAM, he certainly can play the MIKE, he can play any one of them. We have confidence because of his mental aptitude to be able to handle any one of those positions. So right now we’re going to classify him just as a linebacker.”"

Look for Foster to have a successful NFL career as he just has a knack for making tackles, and finding the football. He seems to find himself in the right spot at the right time on almost every play. The Buccaneers just found themselves a steal in the third round.

Congrats Mason Foster! It’s great to see Huskies representing UW in the NFL.