Jake Locker Has Always Been a Titan


Jake Locker was drafted 8th overall by the Tennessee Titans.

Jake Locker is the definition of what the Tennessee Titans have chosen to be their mascot since their conversion from the Oilers. A Titan is defined as ‘a person or thing of very great strength, intellect, or importance’. Husky fans would read that over and quickly say, “yup, yup, yup” to all three of those attributes.

Jake Locker has become the highest QB ever to be selected out of UW by about 50 spots! He is also the last top 10 pick since 1992. Locker may have shocked many people around the nation but not Jon Gruden, the self-proclaimed Locker-Stalker, and not Husky fans. Many of whom were still holding onto hope that either A. He would be a Seattle Seahawk or B. He would go 1st overall. While neither of those two happened, he did end up being the second QB off the board behind Cam Newton who went 1st overall to the Carolina Panthers.

Locker is a Titan and always has been, and he will be able to excel in the NFL because he works his tail off, he is a leader, he has passion for the game, and it doesn’t hurt that he has freakish athletic ability.

While, Husky fans have immediately become Tennessee Titan fans (some are already trying to buy his Titan jersey), we primarily want to see Jake Locker succeed and become great in the NFL, so let’s take a look at what is coming Locker’s way starting tomorrow:

Offensive Line:
LT- Michael Roos from Eastern Washington is listed as the number 4 LT in the NFL by ESPN.
LG- Leroy Harris from NC State is listed as an average Guard.
C- Fernando Velasco, from Georgia. He will probably be replaced in Free Agency, (whenever that happens) he is typically just a depth chart guy.
RG- Jake Scott from Idaho is listed as a better than average Guard.
RT- David Stewart from Mississippi State is a quality Right Tackle.

Last season, the offensive line allowed 27 sacks on their QB.

Running Back:
Chris Johnson is listed as the number 1 overall running-back by ESPN. Known for his speed and elusiveness, already look for some boot-leg options to be worked into Locker’s playbook.

Wide Receivers:
Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Justin Gage, and Randy Moss are the headliners for this Tennessee Titan team.

In 2009, Britt was drafted in the first round by the Titans and has been progressively showing more and more talent as the years pass since his draft.

Nate Washington and Justin Gage are also both young and still focusing on maturing as receivers and learning to become better at their positions.

Randy Moss on the other hand is a head-case but has been very productive over his long career.

Tight End:
Jake Locker went most of his UW career without a viable option to throw to at the tight end position, and considering he was out on the run a lot he missed that position.

The Titans have a better than average tight end in Bo Scaife, who has found a lot of production in his seven years in the league.

Head Coach:
Mike Munchak who has just taken over the reigns this year as the head coach. Look for him to build around his new weapon in Locker.

Munchak had this to say about Locker:

"“I think he has got something special like (leadership) that he’ll bring out the best in other players. I think they’ll want to play hard for him. He’s one of those guys who’s going to find a way to win for us, and I think that the guys in this building will believe in him.”"

Locker find himself in the AFC South the playground of the Indianapolis Colts though lately the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars have also made a case to control the division. He will be playing these 3 teams twice a year.

Depth Chart:
The Titans mentioned they would like to add another veteran QB but would let Locker compete for the job. Though the thought is obviously he would have it, unless they wanted to milk Kerry Collins for a few more games and then turn the reigns over to Locker. As of right now, its Locker versus Kerry Collins, and Collins is getting old and many assume this could be his last season.

Locker does not care about the money, he just loves the game of football, but last year the 8th overall pick in Rolando McClain, was able to get a 40 million dollar contract with close to 25 million in guarantees. This was a line-backer and not a quarterback, and the QB position tends to make more in the NFL than any other position.

Tomorrow in the next rounds of the draft, the Titans will continue to improve around Locker- they have their franchise QB and now to give him some more weapons and more protection.

TO: Jake Locker, you are an amazing person and athlete, we are proud that you call yourself a Husky! Good luck to you and congrats on being the 8th overall pick!