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God's Gift will announce Thursday


by: Griffin Bennett

***UPDATE: 3:05 pm***

According to Lenn Robbins of the New York Post (via twitter) God’s Gift Achiuwa will chose St. John’s over UW  and Cincinnati. Not sure what his sources are or if it is correct.


The man of the month has been God’s Gift Achiuwa and Adam Zagoria has reported that he will announce his decision Thursday at 1pm (I’m assuming Eastern). The 6’8 PF from Erie CC is one of the top JUCO recruits in the country and will choose between St. John’s, Cincinnati, and UW.

GG (temporary nickname) has kept his recruitment very close to the vest and not even his coach has an idea on where he is leaning. While that may or may not be true, I haven’t heard from anybody who has a confident opinion on where he will be headed. It’s a rarity these days, so we will all be going into this knowing almost nothing.

From all reports, GG liked his visits at all three schools and never showed his hand on which school he liked the most. He did say that he liked how religious Coach Romar was and that was a huge part of where he would chose to go.

With that said, most people from Cincinnati believe that he will not end up choosing the Bearcats due to scholarship complications with their latest addition of Cheik Mbodji.


Let me preface this by saying I have no inside information and this is purely speculation based on previous recruiting experiences and from reading the signs of this recruiting trail. Here is how I would brake down the chances for tomorrow:

St. John’s – 55%

UW – 40%

UC – 5%

My reason behind this breakdown is based on St. John’s location close to his current home and the lack of most recruits wanting to go East to West. That’s basically it, really. If you wanted to call it a coin-flip I wouldn’t disagree but I have a gut feeling that it will probably be St. John’s.

Let’s all hope that Mr. Achiuwa will make the right decision and God will bless Montlake with his Gift this Fall. Bow Down (to Washington, not God).