NFL Draft: Gatorade and Jake Locker


The ‘Everything to Prove’ series by Gatorade and that has followed Jake Locker and other high profile athletes from the end of their college football season to the NFL Draft has added another dimension to their series. They recently added an NFL Draft stream which will be showing videos, twitter pages of the athletes, recent news and stories, etc. all within the stream.

Here is what Kara Coyle, a member of the Gatorade team on the ‘Everything to Prove’ series, had to say about it:

"The launch of Gatorade’s NFL Draft Stream which will be providing exclusive access to NFL Draft this week as well as following our Everything to Prove rookies, including Jake Locker, on the final leg of their journey to the pros. We’ll be providing real-time updates from New York including bonus videos, news, and live updates from athletes and experts."

Should be interesting to check out the articles, watch the videos, and to have open while you are waiting for the draft and/or when you are watching the draft that starts tomorrow. Below you will find the stream: