UW Adds Vashil Fernandez to its Recruiting List


Vashil Fernandez a 6’11, 225 pound big man out of Princeton Day Academy in Maryland is the latest of the many Big Men that UW is pursuing. He is taking is official visit this weekend to the University of Washington.

Fernandez, listed as a Center, is fairly new to the game of basketball. He hasn’t been playing organized basketball for more than a few years. He is originally from Jamaica and traveled to the states to be able to pursue the game of basketball. He is considered a post-grad prep prospect that would still have 4 years of eligibly in the NCAA but has technically finished high school.

He is a very raw talent that has only a few years of basketball under his belt but is learning the game very quick. He has the size and natural ability to be able to develop into an amazing basketball player.

Here is a wonderful article about Vashil Fernandez on ESPN that was published back in February:

Clipped from: insider.espn.go.com (share this clip)

If you dont’ have an insider pass to read the whole article, I can’t legally break it down for you but know this; his coach thinks he is a player that given the right coaching staff and place to develop could turn into an amazing DIV-1 player. He is already averaging a double-double at prep school and could potentially play right away but wouldn’t be the go-to-guy until later in his career.

Here is a summary of what ESPN recruiting has to say about him: (for the whole scoop go here.)

"A long, athletic, and mobile big man who has all the physical tools for a very bright future, Fernandez makes his biggest impact on the defensive end of the floor right now with his shot-blocking ability. He has good lateral quickness for a player his size…He runs the floor well, has a good motor, and gets off his feet easily to score around the rim…Fernandez is still raw and just learning the game…More than anything else he just needs time and experience as he is still new to the game and in the infant stages of his development."

One thing it does mention is that his best offensive weapon is the dunk and he really has no more to his tool belt than that. However, I would disagree after watching some tape on him, his hook shot is fairly good, he also has a decent turn around step-shot. He isn’t fluid yet at shooting but around the basket he knows how to score.