Quick Update on God’s Gift Achiuwa


The recruiting process at times tends to go really fast and while at other times it slowly crawls at a snail’s pace. We are crawling right now as we wait to hear from many of the Huskies recruits. We have Richard Peters who is waiting to hear back on his ACT score and thus find himself eligible to reclassify for the class of 2011.

There is Wally Judge who is making his list and checking it twice, scheduling visits, and all around just thinking over the transfer process. While there are other recruits out there that UW is recruiting we will jump forward to God’s Gift Achiuwa who is finishing up, his first (and hopefully only) round of visits, which included; Cincinnati, Washington, and St. John’s.

Over Easter weekend God’s Gift will be visiting St. John’s, starting today on Good Friday and he will be leaving Easter Sunday. It is slightly ironic that a man named God’s Gift is visiting a Catholic school over Easter weekend. Or maybe it’s not, considering that God’s Gift Achiuwa does identify himself as a believer and that is one of the many things he liked about UW, that there were others on the team and the staff that believed in God.

I have assumed that St. John’s was always the favorite to land God’s Gift and that this weekend would have to not go well for him to sign elsewhere. However, God’s Gift has never identified a favorite and here is what Brad Winton of JucoRecruiting.com had to say about God’s Gift and the recruiting process:

"God’s Gift Achiuwa (6’9, 240, PF, Erie CC) will visit St. John’s this weekend. Gift has visited Cincinnati and Washington the past two weekends and will decide between the three after visiting St. John’s. Some reports have said that Rhode Island and Charlotte are in the mix, but he does not have any visits scheduled after this weekend. There has also been some talk that his natural position would be at the 3 spot. After seeing him play several times this year, I don’t see any way that he could play on the perimeter. He doesn’t handle the ball well and struggles outside of 10 feet. Achiuwa doesn’t have great hands, but plays extremely hard and hits the glass on both ends. He seemed to enjoy his visit to Washington, but didn’t say who his leader was. Cincinnati has one scholarship available."

Take what you want from that quote but what I see is that he won’t say who his favorite is and he will just decide after his final visit between those three schools.

Rumors are also swirling that John Calipari and the Kentucky Wildcats are also trying to make a push for God’s Gift but as of now God’s Gift has not scheduled any visits or made it evident that he has returned the interest. However, stay tuned because when Calipari gets involved things get a little



One final thing that you should notice is that Brad Winton also has a weight listed for God’s Gift, at 240. Which just confirms the fact that he is built to play at the next level.