Tony Wroten Jr. to Aziz N’Diaye


Tony Wroten Jr. is one of the most proficient passers anyone has seen come out of high school in a long time. In fact, he not only is good at passing he loves to pass. He loves to find seams in the defense, he loves to trick the defense into a drive and then he dishes for the assist. He is an amazing talent as a passer.

My brother off-handedly mentioned to me the other day that Tony Wroten Jr. and Aziz N’Diaye need to be practicing together right now. Wroten just throwing the ball over and over and over from as many positions and angles as possible and N’Diaye learning to catch all of those passes.

This is the new life of being a post player (or really any player) with Wroten on your team, they need to be ready for a pass from about anywhere on the court. If Wroten has the ball, every player on the team better be ready to have the ball hit them in the hands.

Wroten doesn’t always have to be looking at the player to send the ball to that player, and in some of his game tape, Wroten would deliver an awesome pass but the player wasn’t ready for it and thus the play would immediately result in a turnover. This shouldn’t happen at UW, they need to begin to minimize this as much as possible.

Bring Darnell Gant, Aziz N’Diaye, Desmond Simmons, Jernard Jarreau, and basically every other player on the team into a gym and just start throwing the ball at them. In fact, do a drill where they are playing a pick up game and randomly a coach or an assistant will just throw a ball at someone on the court. Everyone on the UW team needs to increase their awareness of flying orange objects.

That is how good of a passer Tony Wroten Jr. is, get him in the gym passing the ball around with his teammates next year.

Just check out some of the highlights from his Jordan Brand Classic game.Tony Wroten Jr. Jordan Brand Classic Highlights

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