Guest Post: Why The Seahawks Should Draft Jake Locker


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It sure is fun for Jake Locker’s fans these days. In just the past few weeks, Locker has made the cover of

ESPN Magazine


Sports Illustrated

, starred in’s web series Everything to Prove, and even been grilled by Jon Gruden on Gruden’s QB Camp. He’s also currently featured in an excellent three-part primetime ESPN documentary called Three for the Show.

But while Jake Locker fans have been exposed to just about everything going on in his life in the run up to the draft, the one thing they can’t tell you is where he’ll go in the NFL draft.
The debate still rages over what team is the best match for Locker. Many teams are rumored to have taken an interest in the standout Husky quarterback, but only one provides a perfect fit for him: the hometown Seattle Seahawks.

Yes indeed, for a multitude of reasons, the Seahawks and Jake Locker seem like a match made in football heaven.

Top 4 Reasons for the Seahawks to Draft Jake Locker

Locker wouldn’t have to play immediately

It remains uncertain whether the Seahawks will re-sign Matt Hasselbeck, but with or without the veteran QB the team is in position to allow Locker to ride the pine for a year or two.  While it may be painful for Hawks fans to watch Clipboard Jesus (AKA Charlie Whitehurst) run the offense, allowing Locker to sit will pay enormous dividends in his development and the team’s future prospects.  No matter where he goes, Locker will need time to develop his accuracy and adjust to the speed of the NFL, and Seattle is one of the few teams that could provide him with this opportunity.

Hasselbeck would be the perfect mentor to Locker

When you think of Matt Hasselbeck, probably the last things you think of are raw athleticism, arm strength, and speed. In fact, Hasselbeck has built his entire career (and a very successful one at that) by being good at one singular trait: accuracy. This also happens to be what Locker needs to improve the most. If the Seahawks re-sign Hasselbeck, he would be the perfect Yoda to Locker’s Luke Skywalker. The only difference is Locker won’t be faced with the task of killing his father in the end.

Seahawks have the most accommodating fan base

Imagine if Locker got drafted to a team with an overcritical fan base like the Eagles or Redskins. If Locker doesn’t perform at a high level as soon as he’s handed the reins to the offense, the fans and local media might scrutinize him right out of town. This isn’t to say Locker can’t handle the pressure, but Seattle would be one of very few cities that would understand he needs a little time to develop and won’t breathe down his neck with every interception.

It would be a slam dunk for marketing

Let’s also not forget that the NFL is a business. If there’s one player the Seahawks could draft that would drive ticket and merchandise sales, it’s Jake Locker. Every Husky fan would scramble to pick up a no. 10 jersey in Seahawks blue. And in a few years, if the hometown kid were to become top-tier franchise quarterback and engineer perennial playoff appearances, the Seahawks would become the shining emblem of a city starving for national sports recognition.

No matter which way you cut it, Jake Locker would be a great pick up for the Seahawks. There are reports lately that the Seahawks are looking to trade away their first round pick, but they could be letting an enormous opportunity slip between the cracks if they pass on Locker on draft day.

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