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Recruiting Update and More


by Craig Yamada

Sorry we have taken so long to post. Let’s get you caught up to speed on this weekend’s developments.

God’s Gift

For those of you hoping for a commitment from God’s Gift this weekend, unfortunately you will have to be left in suspense for atleast another week. According to, it sounds like GG’s visit went very well. The article is insider only, but the main takeaway is that GG enjoyed his visit and specifically called out Darnell Gant as someone he got along with well. He liked the fact that Romar and most of the team were religious and that he saw “an opportunity to play with those kinds of players.”

He claims to have no leader at this point. God’s Gift is claiming to be down to just three schools: St. John’s, Cincinatti, and UW. GG is set to visit the Johnnies this weekend in his home state. Some fear that Lavin could pull yet another rabbit out of his hat and bring in the in-state PF. GG would make recruit #10 for Lavin’s 2011 2nd rated recruiting class. Given that Cincy signed 6’9″ Cheikh Mbodj last week, it is thought to be a two horse race between UW and St. John’s. Only time will tell to see how this unfolds. UW is still great shape to land the chosen one. GG would be an immediate impact player that could really help this team transition from the loss of MBA .

All we know is that GG can’t wait for this process to be over. Expect a resolution by the end of next week.

Richard Peters

I keep hearing nothing but good things about Richard Peters, the Oklahoma de-commit. It seems he is picking up new offers on a daily basis. But according to multiple sources, UW is his leader. Pending his ACT scores, he should be making an official visit in the next couple of weeks. My guess is that he will be signing the dotted line on his visit if he can qualify.

Tyrese Breshers

As much as I would love to have Reesey back, I have not heard anything on any kind of a comeback.

Wally Judge

Jeff Goodman broke this story on Twitter this weekend. The former KSU Wildcat is now apparently looking to visit UW in the next week or two. He just visited Rutgers this weekend and may be looking to visiting Maryland and Memphis in the coming weeks as well. Judge is a 6’9″ PF and can jump out of the gym. He runs the floor and finishes with the best of them. A majority of his highlights are of him dominating dunk contests, and it is still yet to be seen how well he operates on the block. He is a former McDonald’s All American and quit the KSU team back at the end of January. He would most likely need to sit out the entire 2011-12 season once he does sign with a school. More to come on Judge once he sets a visit date.

All in all, we have two schollies to divy out to two big men. I’d say we are in great shape as it stands right now.

Wroten at JBC

For those of you who missed the Jordan Brand Classic, you may want to go on ESPN3 and watch the replay. Tony Wroten was a man among boys directing traffic with his NBA style passing ability.  He sees the floor better than any high school player I have ever seen. He makes all those around him better. This kid is going to be special and Romar will be hardpressed to not give this guy major minutes. He is ready to make an impact and UW’s post players better be ready for the no-lookers this season. If Aziz can get his hands on Tony’s passes and finish, we could definitely make some noise next year. With Gaddy and Wroten at the reigns, Wilcox and Ross will have plenty of open looks and have the opportunity to increase their numbers signifcantly next year.

Jernard Jarreau

For those of you that are starving for JJ highlights, take a peak at this documentary of Jernard Jarreau called the “Come Up.” You can see him going through drills here. The comparisons to a “KD style game” are not as far fetched as many may have thought. By no means is he on that level, but he has the upside to be a difference maker.  JJ looks like he has a wet jumper and can handle rock well for a guy his size. Everyone keeps talking about the “phenom” Anthony Davis who started as a guard at 6’2″ and grew 7 inches in one year. Jarreau’s story sounds somewhat similar, but he hasn’t received the exposure that Davis has. This kid could really make an impact down the road. I am not automatically giving this kid the red-shirt treatment until he steps foot on campus. He is rail thin, but so is John Henson. He could potentially be a matchup nightmare for guards next year if he plays.

The future is here. Are you ready?