The Sophomore Slump


I had a Husky fan ask me the other day about James Johnson, if he was going to see more action as a Junior and why he disappeared as a Sophomore. This got me thinking about the Sophomore slump and that some Sophomores tend to go through and here is the process of having a wasted Sophomore year:

(disclaimer-this may not be the case for Johnson but I would put some money on it)

Step 1- Become a star at your local High School
Step 2- Get recruited and sign with a Major University
Step 3- Openly compete for a spot against upperclassmen
Step 4- Beat the upperclassmen and become a go-to-guy
Step 5- Get cocky and develop a big head
Step 6- During the offseason don’t work as hard as you should
Step 7- Assume you have the role you had last year
Step 8- Let another player on the roster openly compete for your spot and earn it
Step 9- Pout
Step 10- Realize you need to work harder- come back for a good Junior year

This is how a Sophomore slump typically works. So, notice to all you Freshman out there- just because you had the spot once doesn’t mean it is always yours, there are freaks of athletes coming in every year to try to take that spot. You have to work harder than all of them.

Hears to James Johnson having a good Junior year! Go Dawgs!