Interview: Coach Bossman of Westwind Prep on Richard Peters


Richard Peters is an exciting recruit that has recently de-committed from Oklahoma and has picked UW as his favorite school. I just got off the phone with his coach from Westwind Prep, down in Arizona where Peters has spent the last year playing basketball. Here are some of the highlights from what Coach Bobby Bossman said:

On Westwind

  • Today there is going to be an open gym where tons of mid-major and high-major Universities will be in appearance to scout a number of players on their team.
  • UW will be on hand to see both Richard Peters and Demarquise Johnson (2012).

On Peters’ Eligibility

  • He is taking his ACT tomorrow and if his scores are on par with what the Universities are looking for, he will be eligible to compete in DIV-1 this next year. Bossman said that Peters is a very bright kid and should do fine. If he doesn’t meet the right test score he will come out in 2012.

On Peters’ Basketball Skills/Intangibles

  • He needs to get into shape for DIV-1 level. All the intangibles are there, he is ready to play and compete at the next level, but he needs to get conditioned.
  • He has something most big men don’t have and that is a really high basketball IQ.
  • He is smart with the basketball and is great at passing it out of the post.
  • Solid Rebounding at both ends of the court and has solid touch around the rim.
  • He also has the ability to knock back a 15 footer when needed.
  • Something important to note:He had a stress facture in his foot about a year ago, and that slowed him down a little. The foot is fine now but that is one of the reasons he needs to continue to get back in shape.
  • Coach Bossman has him weighed in at 250 and that is after trimming out some fat and losing some weight. He also has him measured at 6’10.

On Peters’ Team Chemistry:

  • Verbal Team Leader.
  • Always talking to his teammates.
  • Very Coachable and is willing to work hard.
  • Emotional but clarified that most kids his age are, especially the ones that are ready to play at the next level.

On Peters’ Potential

  • He could be making money in basketball with his raw potential but that’s really up to him and the work he puts in.
  • Ready to play DIV-1 ball especially if he gets into better shape.

On UW and other Schools of Interest

  • UW is high on his list.
  • UW has been calling about him.
  • Georgia also has some mutual interest but Coach mentioned that they just signed a 6’11 guy yesterday and that may change some things.
  • A bunch of mid-majors and a few high-majors like Arizona have been around.

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