UW Pro Day


Tomorrow is UW’s Pro Day where Jake Locker will be the featured participant. You can watch it live on It will be live starting at 11am PT.

Jake Locker along with Mason Foster, Nate Williams, and other seniors will be participating in UW’s pro day but most of the scouts will be there to see what Locker will do. He has a huge scout following as there are some GMs that have him as a 4th round talent while others have him in the top 10. That is a huge gap! However, all it takes is one team to take a flyer on him and grab him in the first round.

Mason Foster also looks to improve from some of his combine workouts. He was underwhelming at the NFL Combine but is an amazing linebacker so look for him to put on a show on the defensive side of the Pro Day.

Check it out tomorrow and tune in live here.