RUMOR: Aaron Dotson Transferring out of LSU


The rumor that is swirling around is that Aaron Dotson, a local Seattle talent, is transferring out of LSU and wants to play in the Pac-10. Many assume that he will be transferring into UW because of his roots and his friends on the team.

Aaron Dotson played at Rainier Beach High School, had minor knee surgery before attending LSU. However, was immediately able to make an impact on their starting roster. This year, his sophomore season, his production declined and many are speculating that he may need to have another go at knee surgery. Or his production could have declined because LSU struggled all year long and had a very frustrating and disappointing season.

Regardless of whether he needs to have another surgery or not, transferring between DIV-1 schools requires a year of sitting out. He would not be able to play right away and would have to use his red-shirt as a transfer year.

This however, may be a nice upside for UW if they were to be the target destination as Dotson is a guard and UW is knee deep in guards. By next year, 2 guards will be graduating (Isaiah Thomas and Scott Suggs) and 2 or 3 may be considering an NBA career (Terrence Ross, Tony Wroten Jr, CJ Wilcox) depending on how they perform during the season.

Then when Dotson comes off of his red-shirt transfer year he will be a red-shirt junior and have two years left to help the Huskies at the guard position.

We don’t know where Dotson is going to transfer to, in fact, we aren’t even sure he is transferring. As stated above this is all a rumor and speculation but sources close to Dotson say this may in fact be happening and the Pac-10 is his destination and preferably UW. If that is the case, then the ball is in Romar’s court if he wants to use that last scholarship he has on Dotson. Thus, sending Andrew Andrews to prep school, which was the plan anyways.

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