A Look at Husky Hoops 2012


Minutes after the loss to UNC, UW fans from all over were already looking at next year’s recruiting class, tweeting about Tony Wroten Jr., Hikeem Stewart, and Jernard Jarreau. Fans are hungry to see what next year will look like and IF we are projected to be a better team than the one they saw this year.

Here is the way the roster currently breaks down:

Note: All classes will be representing next year’s class (2011-2012).

Abdul Gaddy6’3195JRPG
Isaiah Thomas5’8185SRPG/SG
Antoine Hosley5’11185SOPG
Scott Suggs6’6195SRSG/SF
CJ Wilcox6’5190RS SOSG
Terrence Ross6’6190SOSG/SF/F
Tony Wroten Jr.6’4185FRPG
Hikeem Stewart6’2180FRSG
Andrew Andrews.6’2175FRPG


Aziz N’Diaye7’0260JRC
Desmond Simmons6’7215RS FRSF/PF
Brendan Sherrer6’8245SRPF
Darnell Gant6’8225SRPF
Jernard Jarreau6’10200FRPF

Forward, Kevin Davis has also given a verbal but he needs to finish up at TCC before he can transfer, and the jury is still out on whether he will make it in time or not. (It looks promising)

Starting Lineup
Here is the way I see our starting lineup shaking out; though remember this is only March, things could change drastically by next season.

There will be some versatility again next year like there was this year with the lineup, most likely an ‘athletic’ and a ‘big’ lineup (similar to this year).


  1. Point Guard- Tony Wroten Jr. (this prospect looks to be on a similar level of a Brandon Knight, John Wall, one and done type talent)
  2. Shooting Guard/Point Guard- Isaiah Thomas (IT will run point with Wroten, there are plenty of teams that have two point guards on the floor at a time, and if both are capable there is instant success.)
  3. Shooting Guard- CJ Wilcox (this could go to Scott Suggs- look for some competition here)
  4. Small Forward- Terrence Ross (he has proven he belongs on the court as much as possible)
  5. Power Forward/Center- Aziz N’Diaye (this could also go to Darnell Gant, but he needs to prove he is ready and capable on the offensive end of the court)


  1. Point Guard- Tony Wroten Jr. (he will be playing a lot- if he lives up to his hype)
  2. Shooting Guard/Point Guard- Isaiah Thomas (once again versatility on who is running the show but Thomas needs to always be in, and Wroten looks to be of a similar pedigree)
  3. Small Forward- Terrence Ross (also could go to Scott Suggs/Desmond Simmons, but Ross looks ready)
  4. Power Forward- Darnell Gant (look for Desmond Simmons to compete here)
  5. Center- Aziz N’Diaye

Now you may be wondering, ‘Where is Abdul Gaddy?!’ but I think until he proves he is the best point guard on our roster, he doesn’t need to start. He will be fully capable of being a sub for both Wroten, Thomas, and Wilcox if needed.

My red-shirt goes to Andrew Andrews, if he doesn’t go to prep school, he will most likely be red-shirting next year. If there is some way Lorenzo Romar brings in another Power Forward and/or Center then maybe Jarreau becomes the red-shirt. He is still developing into his body but the talent and tools are there for depth on the roster.

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